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Admissions Procedures

UNIS Hanoi is a not-for-profit school which welcomes enquiries from both Vietnamese and expatriate families either living in Hanoi or moving to Hanoi.

We offer rolling admissions, which means that families may enquire for an application at any time of the year.

As the School of Choice for many families relocating to Hanoi, we cannot guarantee enrolment or eligibility for application, however we welcome your enquiry as early as possible.  

There are 3 steps in our Admissions process (Enquiry, Application, Enrolment) and the first is to complete the Enquiry Form.

Our 3-Step Procedure

Please read the overview of our process and then the details of the steps below. Please complete the Enquiry Form when you are ready to start the process:

Enquiry to Enrolment Overview

Step 1: Enquiry Form

Step 2: Application

Step 3: Enrolment & Waiting List


Important Notes

Age Placement

At UNIS Hanoi we use the cut-off date August 31 to determine grade allocation for age groups. For more information about UNIS Hanoi age placement, relative to other school systems, please read UNIS Hanoi Age Placement 2020-2021.

UNIS Hanoi believes that it is important for children to be placed in classes with their age peers, especially at Discovery (age 3) and lower elementary grade levels. 

Grade Level Placement 

Students who apply from schools or educational systems with a different school calendar (like those commonly found in schools in Korea, Japan, Singapore or Australia) will be placed in the grade that they are currently attending if they are admitted at the start of our new school year in August. If they are accepted in January (semester 2), they will be placed in the grade that they have just completed in their previous school. 

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Admissions Policy

The final decision in all cases where a student attends UNIS Hanoi without their parents being resident in Vietnam, is at the discretion of the school.

There are many factors that will influence an enquiry for application including:

  • Cultural Diversity Policy: UNIS Hanoi values its truly diverse international student body, and in order to retain this diversity, nationality quotas have been applied to our admissions process.
  • EAL Policy: We offer support for non-native English speakers at varying levels dependent upon the grade level and we have quotas for the number of EAL (English as an Additional Language) students in each grade.
  • Learning Support: We include and successfully serve a managed number of students presenting with mild and moderate learning differences and accept students who we believe can be successful in the daily programme at UNIS Hanoi. Each application will be reviewed on an individual basis to determine learning support needs. 
  • Prioritization Policy: As a school founded by the UN and the Vietnamese government we give priority to UN agency families, diplomatic and expatriate families. We also offer priority to families with siblings already attending the school. 

Please visit the Admissions Policy page for further details.


Note for IB Diploma Admissions

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) is a rigorous and challenging pre-university course for highly motivated students. Successful completion of a Grade 10 or equivalent year is required for enrollment in the full Diploma Programme and admission is at the discretion of the Principal. As IB courses are normally taken over 2 years, applicants may not be admitted to the grade 12 programme unless they have completed the IBDP year 1 with courses that can be aligned to UNIS Hanoi programmes. Applicants to the IBDP must interview with the Diploma Programme Coordinator prior to approval. The IBDP Coordinator is available for personal interviews until the last day of the academic year in June. An interview via video link may be arranged for overseas students. However, this must be supplemented by a face-to-face meeting following the arrival of a candidate in Hanoi before the start of school.

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