The Scholarship Fund

"Creating Opportunities to Transform Futures"


Our UNIS Hanoi Scholarship Programme is about investing in success! The success of our School, our scholars, and the future success they will bring in building a better world!

Our 3-year Scholarship Fund campaign (2014-15 to 2016-17) created three new Scholarship places... thanks to our generous community!

And in our 4th and final year (2017-18) we created the Dr Charles Barder Scholarship in honour of the programme's founding Head of School, which will support a series of High School scholarships for the next 10 years. Thank you!

Our programme gives talented local students from disadvantaged families the opportunity to attend UNIS Hanoi for High School and transform their lives, and those they touch.

Find out more about scholars on our website, but first listen to the story of our first Scholar, Nam Nguyen, who graduated in 2015.

Nam's Story




About The Scholarship Fund


The UNIS Hanoi Scholarship Programme was launched to celebrate the School's 25th Birthday. Its goal is three fold:

  • To provide outstanding opportunities to talented young Vietnamese students from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • To enrich the experience of our existing students through the inspirational role models of our scholars
  • To invest in the future of Vietnam with the sincere hope that our scholars will continue to impact and inspire for the future of their country's development.

When the Scholarship Programme launched the School only had budget funds to support six places. The first Scholarship Fund campaign has funded three, new, additional places with your help.

Today, UNIS Hanoi celebrates eight scholars in our learning community and five alumni scholars!

In four years our community has donated more than $636,000 USD.

Do you know someone who could benefit from a UNIS Hanoi Scholarship? Help us find the next scholars:




Who can give?


Our Annual Campaign for the The Scholarship Fund is about what we can achieve when we all work together as a community.

  • We hope that every family will make a contribution.
  • We hope that every teacher and staff member will make a gift.
  • We hope that all our alumni families will join us and make a donation.

Our goal is to have 100% of our families, faculty, staff and alumni make a gift to The Scholarship Fund.



We hope to receive a range of gifts from 1 USD to +10,000 USD and every gift will help us achieve our goal together. Each family, each individual member of our community can make a difference.

Imagine what we can achieve together! The Annual Campaign is about a community sharing a vision and everyone making their own contribution, at their own level, to achieve that goal.

Only you can decide what is the right level gift for you.


What about corporate gifts?

We welcome gifts from companies and will be actively seeking investment from companies as we build our Scholarship Fund.

Please contact our Director of Advancement, Emma Silva , if you would like to make a connection to The Scholarship Fund for a corporate donation.


What about gifts from people who are not UNIS Hanoi families, alumni or employees?

Our primary goal is the people power of mobilizing our own direct UNIS Hanoi community, but we  are happy to accept gifts from those who are inspired by the vision of our Scholarship Programme and want to contribute as a Friend of the School.

We celebrate all gifts to The Scholarship Fund as philanthropic acts of generosity.

What is the vision for scholarship fundraising?

Our first Scholar powerfully describes the experience of learning at UNIS Hanoi as the shattering of a shell to release his potential.

Education has the power to transform lives – not just individual lives but those of entire communities, and our vision for The Scholarship Fund is no less than that – to create opportunities to transform futures.

UNIS Hanoi was founded to help the development of this country through the partnership of the United Nations and the Vietnamese government, and we are proud of our community’s continued support in pursuit of this shared Vision:

Our learning community will be an inspirational role model for a better world.”

To celebrate the School’s 25th Anniversary, UNIS Hanoi honored its host country by establishing a Scholarship Programme to provide a UNIS Hanoi High School education to talented Vietnamese nationals from low income families.

The School can only resource a very limited number of Scholarships through its budget and the programme is at capacity with six full tuition scholarships. Our ambitions for the Scholarship Programme go beyond budget.

The goal for our fundraising is to expand our Programme through our community’s direct generous support. We have generated community-wide contributions to increase our programme by 50% and create three additional scholarships, creating opportunities to transform futures that will keep on giving. Our continued fundraising will support the sustainability of those scholarships.

Meaningful change starts with small steps, one life at a time, one year at a time.

What is the UNIS Hanoi Scholarship Programme?

The UNIS Hanoi Scholarship Programme gives the opportunity for talented Vietnamese students from low income families, who are excelling at their local Hanoi district school to enter UNIS Hanoi with a full (100%) fees waiver until graduation.

Students may apply to the UNIS Hanoi Scholarship Programme for entry to Grade 8, Grade 9 or Grade 10. In all cases, the 100% Scholarship is valid until their graduation from UNIS Hanoi.

In addition to the 100% fees waiver, the Scholarship Programmes provides:

  • Annual ‘Starting School Kit’ to provide all resources needed including bus service
  • Funding each year for participation in international school team events, for example, Model United Nations in Singapore, Global Issues Network conference or an APAC (Asia Pacific Activities Conference) sports tournament or festival
  • All external exam (PSAT/SAT) and university application fees.

For more detailed information about the Scholarship Programme please refer to our website.


Is the programme successful?

The Ministry of Education and Training has recognized the value of the UNIS Hanoi Scholarship Programme for the “investment in the future of our country that the programme represents.” (UN Day, 2014)

The programme is too young to be measured by any meaningful metrics, we can only share the stories of our young scholars in their own words and from the teachers who work with them. We are proud of our Scholars and of their commitment, hard work and joyful talent which has enriched all those around them.

“My life has changed since the moment I first stepped through the gate of UNIS. In retrospect, I can see a Nam Nguyen hiding himself in the shell of a reserved bookworm who struggles to maintain the conversation in any topic different from Mathematics for more than 5 minutes. But, at the moment I stood in front of the high school student body and made my Senate speech, that shell was broken into pieces. From a shy and somewhat distant boy, I developed myself to become an amicable friend, a dynamic learner, a courageous risk-taker and an influential leader. At UNIS, I found a fervent inspiration to learn, to grow up and to strive for what I used to find unachievable.  This inspiration comes from nowhere else but my talented friends, my enthusiastic teachers and from the people whom I don’t know but are contributing day by day toward UNIS community – my big family.”       Nam (Class of 2015)

The enrichment that our scholars are bringing daily to the classroom is clearly expressed by this faculty member:

“There is a never a conversation about Maths in High School that Nam’s name is not mentioned. And not only because he is a gifted student, but because he is a generous and gifted teacher who takes time to help his peers.”                                                                             Neil Fairbairn (HS Maths)                                                                        

The Programme graduated its first Scholar in June 2015. We now have four alumni scholars, all of whom have been offered 100% tertiary education scholarships in USA, UAE and Japan. UNIS Hanoi is excited to watch how both each Scholar’s individual future is shaped, and how they will shape the future of others and this world. 

How willl we achieve vision?

We will fundraise to achieve two goals:

  1. To create new Scholarships through a community-wide Annual Campaign. A four-year scholarship is currently valued at $150,000.
  2. To build a sustainable fund and to ensure the future our three new Scholarships.

Both goals will be achieved through gifts from the UNIS Hanoi community; parents, faculty, alumni and corporate partners.

We know that meaningful change starts with small steps and this year we start a journey together – one life at a time – one year at a time.

All community gifts, large and small, will be used to create our new Scholarships and 100% of every gift will be used to create opportunities to transform futures. 

How can you support the Programme?

We hope that every member of our community will be inspired to support the opportunity for change that the Scholarship Programme represents and make a gift to help transform a future.

Every gift counts and although our long term vision is ambitious, we know that no gift is too small in helping to achieve our goals, both year on year and for the future.

Make a gift!

Our community campaigns provide the foundation of our fundraising, building excitement and ownership within our community for a goal that we can achieve together for the future of our scholars and Vietnam:

  • Gifts may be made in multiple installments and pledged for multiple years
  • You can make gifts online and US taxpayers can receive a benefit by giving through our partner, Give2Asia.
  • We recognize the gifts in categories inspired by our host country’s powerful symbolism for aspirational transformation
  • The highest level gifts are recognized as “Long” (Dragon) gifts – the School’s zodiac sign
  • All gifts will be reported in the Annual Report (unless anonymity is requested).

At the same time as our Community Campaign, we will be seeking transformational gifts from community members to build our Founders Fund which provide ongoing security for the future of our new scholarships.

We will be seeking gifts from ‘Founders’ for our Fund:

  • Gifts of 25,000 USD and above will be used to build our Founders Fund
  • Gifts may be made in multiple installments
  • Naming rights are attached to Founders Fund gifts which fully fund a scholarship.
  • All gifts will be reported in the Annual Report (unless anonymity is requested)
  • All gifts will be celebrated through a gift recognition wall.

How will the Fund be distributed & reported?

A Scholarship will only be awarded when there are sufficient funds for the full duration of the Scholarship – Four Years.

Our new community funded scholars will be selected through the same process as the current budgeted scholarships, but with special attention to those who demonstrate a sincere personal goal of giving back to their home country.

All fundraising and distribution will be reported in the School’s Annual Report and will be featured on the School website.  


Why fundraise for this Programme?

UNIS Hanoi is a fiscally responsible institution, but it does not have surplus reserves to fund additional Scholarships, nor does it wish to increase tuition fees more than inflation and its core business requires.

As a not-for-profit institution, all tuition fees are invested directly in providing the highest quality education and inquiry based learning environment for all our students. UNIS Hanoi receives no support from government or UN agencies. With no shareholders or proprietor to reward with profits, our students are the only beneficiaries of income to UNIS Hanoi.

In order to continue to strive for excellence without relying solely on tuition UNIS Hanoi is committed to institutional fundraising in support of the School’s Mission and to fulfill the School’s Vision.

The Scholarship Fund will support our ambition and vision to expand our successful Scholarship Programme without tuition fee increases.


Still have questions?

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