Party Recycling!

With the UNIS Hanoi Sustainability Programme well under way, the High School Green Team have been getting involved in all manner of ways.

For the SCO social, a huge vinyl banner was required to decorate the stage of the Press Club. Normally these banners go to waste when the event which they are used for is over. But Grade 12 student Emilie Brondhum Reeh had other ideas. Back in Grade 10 Emilie created necklaces from recycled materials for her Personal Project. Since then, her operation has expanded and now she transforms all sorts of trash from around Hanoi into all kinds of jewelry, accessories and more recently computer bags. Emilie says'

"The Computer Bags are created from banners which are donated to us by local buisnesses. They are cut up and then a local disabled group of very talented craftsmen currently working at Donkey Donuts create the bags.

In the past the bags have been sold at the UNIS Hanoi Spring Fair where people have the opportunity to buy them ready-made, we also have customised orders with specific requirements in order for it to be the best possible bag for you. You can specify the size and choose the banner you would like the bag to be made from."

Inspired by this, the UNIS Hanoi Green Team and the SCO worked with Emilie to design a very special banner which has been divided up into 35 unique sections. In the SCO social evening, party-goers had the opportunity to purchase a section of the banner which Emilie will have made into individually designed bags. This was one banner that woudn't be going in the trash!

(5 October, 2012)

  • United Nations International School of Hanoi
  • G9 Ciputra
  • Tay Ho
  • Hanoi, Vietnam
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