Sustainable UNIS Hanoi

“A school … does not become ‘green’ by conserving energy, collecting batteries or sorting waste. The crucial factor must be what the pupils are learning from participating in such activities”.
K. Schnack (996). Internationalisation, Democracy and Environmental Education.

Our starting questions shifted from "How can we make our school more green?" to "How can our school best contribute to a more sustainable society?"

Sustainability Timeline 

2011-12 Green Grid established as a blueprint for making UNIS Hanoi a more sustainability-focused school.

2012-13 UNIS Hanoi’s 25th birthday celebrations included a sustainable school programme for the whole community. An Earth Hour pledge was organized by students.

2013-14 UNIS Hanoi commissioned a Sustainability Audit to examine how we teach about sustainability, how energy efficient and ‘green’ the school is, and how we reflect sustainability through our community values.

2014-15 UNIS Hanoi received the audit report and started to address issues raised by making changes to operational practices.

2015-16 Further development of the audit recommendations into a school wide strategy for the next five years. 

Examples of what sustainability looks like at UNIS Hanoi 

  • students learning about concepts such as the interconnectedness of human systems and communities, rights and responsibilities over finite resources, fair trade, development, globalization and the impact of human decision-making on the environment
  • raising awareness about air quality through independent monitoring and air filtration in classrooms, evaluation of products for the ‘greenest’ and most energy efficient options, recycling of rubbish, solar hot water heating, energy efficient lighting and equipment
  • everyone participating in a service learning programme that aims to inspire and drive sustainable change, working in partnership with local and international organisations and shaping students as responsible citizens and stewards of the environment.

Any questions?

Contact the Senior Manager - Operations, Carl Strefford  for more information.

  • United Nations International School of Hanoi
  • G9 Ciputra
  • Tay Ho
  • Hanoi, Vietnam
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