UNIS UNfolded

Our Story By Numbers

At UNIS Hanoi we place a very high value on data - both qualitative and quantitative data. We believe that the two are inseparable when assessing and analysing progress both for your child, and the progress of the School you chose for your child.

As we examine how to celebrate and report transparently and meaningfully to our community on our School's progress, success and challenges, we have updated our approach to our annual report with two partner publications to tell the story of our Strategy 2020 plan.

UNiquely UNIS takes our community to the heart of our Strategy 2020 with the stories that demonstrate our commitment to our Values through qualitative data. And with UNIS UNfolded we bring you the School’s “Story By Numbers” inviting you to take a deeper dive from the headline numbers into the detail.

A traditional annual report’s purpose is to report the health of a business to its shareholders. In the case of UNIS Hanoi, all members of our learning community are our stakeholders, and we believe that by combining UNiquely UNIS with UNIS UNfolded we are providing the best possible qualitative and quantitative evidence for our community of our commitment to progress and excellence on behalf of our students.  

UNIS UNfolded 1718 - Our Story By Numbers



 Download the PDF version of the UNIS UNfolded 1718 


UNIS UNfolded 1718 - Những con số biết nói



 Download the PDF version of the UNIS UNfolded 1718 - Những con số biết nói

  • United Nations International School of Hanoi
  • G9 Ciputra
  • Tay Ho
  • Hanoi, Vietnam
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