Meet the Leadership Teams

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We are delighted to introduce you to our Leadership Teams for Elementary, Middle, High School and Administration.

Dr Chip Barder, Head of School 

Dr Barder is entering his 46th year as a professional educator. He has a BA in Economics with a teaching credential in the Social Sciences, a Master's in Counselling, and a PhD in Curriculum and Teaching. He has been a teacher, counsellor, and principal at all three levels: Elementary, Middle, and High School. He has also been a university faculty member in teacher education and school administration. He has been the head of three different international schools before UNIS Hanoi for a total of thirteen years. He has served in Kinshasa, Congo; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Pekanbaru, Indonesia; Damascus, Syria; Moscow, Russia; and Warsaw, Poland. In the USA, he has worked in Bloomington, Indiana; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Tampa, Florida; East Lansing, Michigan; and Bellingham, Washington. Dr Barder is American. 


Elementary School


Megan Brazil, Elementary School Principal

Megan joined UNIS Hanoi in August 2015 to lead a new Elementary Administration team. She came from the GEMS World Academy Dubai UAE, where she spent seven years in a range of impressively growing educational leadership roles. She holds a BA in Education, Postgraduate certificate in International Education, and a Master's in Education. Megan is also an IBO-PYP Workshop Leader and has delivered workshops for the IBO in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Megan has more than 20 years of experience in teaching, school administration, staff professional development and curriculum management from IB World Schools in Colombia, India and UAE. Megan is from Australia. 


Nitasha Chaudhuri , Lower Elementary School Deputy Principal

Nitasha joined UNIS Hanoi in August 2015. She has a BA in English literature, a Postgraduate Certificate in Education, and a Master's in curriculum and teaching. Previously, Nitasha was Associate Principal at the American School of Bombay in India, leading the development of their Early Childhood Programme. Prior to ASB, Nitasha was a teacher and a curriculum coordinator at Highgate School, London. Nitasha is from India.



Stephen Lush , Upper Elementary School Deputy Principal 

Before joining UNIS Hanoi in August 2015, Stephen was Principal of the International School Nido de Aguilas, Santiago, Chile. He holds a BA in Liberal Studies and a Master's in Educational Leadership. He has been an educator for more than 20 years with 14 years of administrative experience in both USA and international schools. Stephen is American.



Angela Meikle, Primary Years Programme (PYP) Coordinator

Angela joined UNIS Hanoi from the Western Academy of Beijing in 2015 where she also held the position of PYP Coordinator. Angela has a BA in Child and Adolescent development, and a Master's of Education in Administration and Supervision. In her 13 years experience as an educator, she has been involved in various roles - teacher, team leader, pedagogical leader, and curriculum coordinator both in the US and internationally. Angela is Australian.


Anissa Zotos, Elementary School Counsellor  

Anissa joined the UNIS Hanoi team in 2014 after seven years as a Learning Support teacher at the International School of Aberdeen, Scotland. She arrived in Vietnam with 21 years experience in education, and with a Bachelor's Degree in Social & Behavioural Science and a Masters in Special Education. Anissa is American.


Dylan Meikle, Elementary School Counsellor

Dylan joined the Elementary School team in 2016 and started the role as Counsellor in 2017. He has 13 years experience in teaching and learning, both in Australia and then internationally at the Western Academy of Beijing where he was also the ES Counsellor. Dylan has two BAs in Psychology and Education, a Diploma in Counselling, and a Master's in Leadership and Administration. Dylan is Australian.




Middle and High Schools


Scott Schaffner, High School Principal

Before joining UNIS Hanoi in August 2017, Scott was the High School Principal at the Dubai American Academy in the UAE for five years. He started his career as a lawyer in New York, where he also taught for six years after joining the education profession. His 14 years of classroom experience before becoming an administrator, also includes teaching Social Science and IB History at the American School of Warsaw. Scott holds both Irish and American citizenship.



Marc Vermeire, Middle School Principal 

Marc Joined UNIS Hanoi in 2012. Prior to UNIS he worked in China assisting schools with IB development and authorization. His 20 year career in education also includes time in the United States, where he served as a classroom teacher, Director of Athletics, Deputy Principal, and Principal in secondary schools. Marc holds a BS in Science and Asian Studies, an MA in Marine Science, an MA in Education, and a Postgraduate certificate in Educational Leadership. Marc is American.


Glenda Baker, Middle/HighSchool Deputy Principal

Prior to joining UNIS Hanoi in August 2016, Glenda had 22 years experience, 11 of which were at the American School in Japan. While at ASIJ she advanced through various positions including HS Visual Arts Teacher, Teacher Leader, Department Chair, HS Instructional Technology Coach and the Director of Strategic Innovation. She has a BA in Visual Arts Education, an MA in Educational technology & assessment and is now working towards a second MA in Educational Leadership and Management. Glenda is from Australia.


Cindy Barnsley, Middle Years Programme (MYP) Coordinator

Cindy joined UNIS Hanoi in 2014 as MSHS Humanities Teacher and as the Middle Years Programme Coordinator in August 2015. She has a BA in History and a Graduate Diploma of Education. Prior to joining UNIS Hanoi, she has had 9 years' experience in teaching and leadership positions in Middle and High Schools in Australia including as MS Curriculum Coordinator. Before joining the education sector, Cindy was a journalist. She is from Australia.



Clark Stroupe, Diploma Programme (DP) Coordinator

Clark joined UNIS Hanoi in 2015 and in addition to his role as DP Coordinator continues to teach Economics and Business Management. He has taught in four IB schools over eight DP/MYP subjects. Clark has worked for IBO since 2005 as an Examiner (Theatre), Workshop Leader (English/DP Coordination/TOK/Administrators), School Authorisation Visitor and Field Representative. In 2008 Clark led the authorisation of the first IB school in Myanmar where he served as DP Coordinator. Clark also conducts training for new PYP/MYP/DP Workshop Leaders and has recently been designated an IB PD Lead Educator. Clark is from America.


Paula Wilcox, Grade 6-9 Counsellor

Before joining UNIS Hanoi in August 2017, Paula had 10 years of experience in counselling positions at various levels. She was PreK-12 Counsellor at the Anglo-American School of Saint Petersburg and for Grades 6-10 at International School of Dusseldorf. Paula is from the UK.





Kirk Jackson, Grade 6-9 Counsellor 


Kirk joined UNIS Hanoi in August 2017 bringing six years of experience in Counselling and Student Support. Prior to UNIS Hanoi, Kirk worked at SEK International School Qatar and before that in youth work, coaching sports, project management and community development. He has a BA in Behavioural Studies, a Post-graduate Diploma in Psychology as well as certificates in counselling, behavioural therapy, psychotherapy, and child protection. Kirk is from the UK.



Lee Cassidy, D-12 School Psychologist 

Lee holds a BA in Psychology, and an MA in Educational Psychology. She joined UNIS Hanoi in August 2017 with 23 years of experience, 18 of which are from the international schools, Rabat American School Morocco and American International School of Johannesburg. She has held various counselling and guidance positions, including ES Counselor, MS Counselor and D-12 School Psychologist. Lee is American.



Brenda Manfredi, High School Counsellor 

Brenda joined UNIS Hanoi in August 2016. Prior to UNIS Hanoi, she was the High School Counsellor and Department Coordinator at NIST in Bangkok. She was a school counsellor in New York for 11 years before working with international schools. She has a BA in Psychology and an MA School Counselling. Brenda is from America.  



Casey Nolen Jackson, High School Counsellor 

Casey joined UNIS Hanoi in August 2017. She holds a BA in History & Geography, and certificates in College Counselling and Enrollment Management. She joined UNIS Hanoi from Antwerp International School in Belgium, where she was the Grade 9-12 Counsellor. She has more than 15 years working in education, five of which were as a teacher, seven in admissions and the last four in social, emotional, academic and university counselling. Casey is from America. 






In addition to the Head of School, the Principals and their Deputy Principals, the following administrators make up the Leadership Team at UNIS Hanoi.

Rebecca Caudill, D-12 Curriculum Coordinator 

Rebecca has 25 years of educational experience as a Teacher, Curriculum Developer and Administrator. After 17 years in US State Schools, she took her first overseas role in Ghana where she was the Director of Educational Programmes at Lincoln Community School. Rebecca joined UNIS Hanoi in 2015. She has a BA in Special Education, and an MA in Educational Leadership. She is American. 


Ed Gilbreath, Director of Technology

Ed has been a professional educator for more than 40 years. He began his overseas work in Amsterdam, and prior to UNIS Hanoi worked for 10 years as a Tech Director in Singapore. Ed joined UNIS Hanoi in 2011. He is from America.



Misty Shipley, Director of Finance & Operations 

Misty joined UNIS Hanoi in August 2017 from her position as Assistant Head of School for Finance and Operations at the Seoul Foreign School. Her BA is in Organisational Development and she has an MA in Business Administration. She is a Certified School Business Specialist - Accounting, a Certified Fraud Examiner, and is Certified in Risk Management Assurance. Prior to Seoul, she worked in various public and private schools and organisations as Chief Financial Officer, Chief Internal Auditor, Director of Administration and teacher at Austin Business College in Texas. Misty is American. 


Tarique Al-Iesa, Director of Activities

Tarique has a BSc specialising in physical education, an MA in Educational Leadership and many years’ experience as a teacher and Director of Activities. Before joining UNIS Hanoi in 2014, he spent 19 years working at international schools in the Middle East including the American School of Kuwait, The American School of Dubai, and The KAUST School. Tarique grew up in both Kuwait and the US and is a citizen of both countries.



Emma Silva, Director of Advancement

Emma joined UNIS Hanoi in 2011 from the American School of Paris where she worked for nine years growing their Advancement Programme (Marketing, Communications, Constituent Relations and Fundraising). Prior to ASP, she was Head of Fundraising at the Outward Bound Trust in the UK, her first role in the not-for-profit sector. She worked for 10 years in the British media in both print and television. Emma is from the UK.




Liana Bianchi, Senior Manager - Marketing and Enrolment Management 

Liana joined UNIS Hanoi in August 2017. Prior to this she worked for a London-based global peace building organisation. Her career of more than 15 years overseas has included managing field offices and specialising in fundraising, assessment and donor relations for humanitarian and development programmes. Liana has worked in Benin, Haiti, Cambodia, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Indonesia. Liana is from America.


Bronagh Lucardie, Admissions Senior Manager 

Bronagh has led Admissions at UNIS Hanoi since 2007. She has a BS in Sociology and post graduate diplomas in both Guidance and Counseling, and in the Management of Training and Development. She has held various management, supervisory and leadership roles in her career working within both the private sector and non-governmental organisations. She worked at the International School of Phnom Penh, Cambodia, before moving to Hanoi. Bronagh is from Northern Ireland.



Carl Strefford, Senior Manager - Operations 

Carl joined UNIS Hanoi in August 2017 with 25 years of management experience with British Armed forces and NATO allies, and 22 years in the private sector in operations management. He has held a number of senior operations roles in Vietnam in the last 15 years, most recently as the Security Director of Ciputra. Carl is from the UK. 



Thang Vu, Senior Manager of Business Administration 

Thang joined UNIS Hanoi in 2014. He holds a BC from Mount Allison University in Canada and an MBA from City University, USA. He is also a Certified General Accountant (CGA) and a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) in Canada. Prior to joining UNIS Hanoi, Thang worked in a number of senior management positions both with a private college in Canada and with Municipal Governments of Canada. Thang is Canadian. 



Adam Archer, Senior Manager of Information Technology 

Before joining UNIS Hanoi in 2015, Adam had served as a Senior IT Architect for Stemcell Technologies for 11 years.  He has 16 years experience in IT,  in with eight of them in leadership roles. Adam has BA in Entrepreneurship and professional certificates in Windows Systems and Google Apps.  Before joining Stemcell Adam founded ArcherVentures - a technology service provider with applications for military, property management, public relations and legal services. Adam is Canadian.



Quyen Tran, Senior Manager - Human Resources 

Quyen has a BA in English Education and an MA in Public Policy. She has diverse experience from working for government organisations and multi-national corporations before joining UNIS Hanoi in 2011. She has been working in Human Resources for nearly 20 years, 12 of which have been in leadership positions. Quyen is Vietnamese.

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