Community Programme Safety and Security Protocols

We would like to draw your attention to our updated security and safety protocols as below:

1. Security Protocol

UNIS Hanoi takes safety and security of our school environment very seriously.  In an effort to make UNIS Hanoi a safe environment for all we have adjusted and adapted our security protocols.  Please take note of the following: 

  • All adults and adults with accompanying children will be required to bring valid ID and secure a visitor pass at the UNIS Security entrance if they do not have a valid UNIS Campus ID Card.
  • UNIS issued ID must be worn by adults at all times when on campus.
  • All elementary children need to be accompanied by adults when entering the school but are not required to be issued an ID/Visitor Pass.
  • Any child under the age of 12 must be escorted to the class and handed over to the teacher. Children may not be dropped off at the main gate and left unsupervised. For the saturday classes taking place in the ECC area – B11, the teacher will pick up and drop the students at the main entrance of the ECC area.
  • All students need to be picked up immediately after the class finishes.
  • All children under 12 years old must be under constant supervision whilst on campus.
  • Late pick up's and unsupervised children left on the campus may be removed from the class/ programme.

2. Safety Protocol

Outdoor activities may be modified or cancelled in case of inclement weather (e.g high AQI, high heat index, storm, lightening). Please carefully review our Heat Level Action ChartHeat Index Consideration for Swimming Pool and visit our live AQI/ HEAT INDEX PAGE for up to date UNIS readings. Please make sure to check prior to your UNIS-based activity.

Make up lesson may be arranged subject to the availability of the instructor and calendar permitting.

Swimming lessons safety protocols.

3. Evacuation (for saturday classes)

When an evacuation alarm sounds, all students on campus shall remain calm, evacuate buildings, move to designated areas as below under the direction of the class teacher:

Individuals in the Administration Building (B7) shall exit to the grassy area near the fence adjacent to the front parking lot and check in with Ms Ha Thien Ha (0914335123) or the school Security (0986581313/ 0988685769/ 0978989758) after attendance is taken by the lead instructor.

Individuals in the ECC Building (B11) shall exit to the parking lot in front of B7 and check in with Ms Nguyen Thi Thuy Duong (0936374229) or the school Security (0986581313/ 0988685769/ 0978989758) after attendance is taken by the lead instructor.

Individuals in all other buildings move directly to the meeting points on the sports field (the Grass Field, not the Turf Field) and check in with Mr Adrian Hubbard (0818422067) or the school Security (0986581313/ 0988685769/ 0978989758) after attendance is taken by the lead instructor.

Individuals need to wait for the ‘All Clear’ announcement through the PA system before returning to their respective class or activity.  Please note that the alarm stopping is NOT the call ‘All Clear’.

4. Changing rooms

In our continued efforts to strengthen our child safeguarding practices, adults on the UNIS Hanoi campus (including Energize members and those involved in Community Programmes) will no longer be permitted to use the student changing rooms in the Sports Centre B3 and B4 (facing the basketball covered courts).

Changing/restrooms behind the Sports Centre (facing the tennis courts and the grass field) will be designated adult use only. Guardians wishing to enter changing rooms with the child can do so here.

Adults may use designated single use rest room (between the changing rooms facing to the covered courts), but not as a swimming pool changing facility. 

5. Nurse services

For Saturday classes, please contact Ms Lan Anh (0918763793) in case you need nurse assistance.

Thank you for your attention!

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