Alumni Visit Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is considered an alumni of UNIS Hanoi?

All graduates, former students, parents, and faculty and staff are alumni of UNIS Hanoi!

How do I schedule a visit to UNIS Hanoi?

It’s easy to schedule a visit to UNIS Hanoi! Just click here and let us know when you’d like to visit and what you’d like to do on campus. Many alumni enjoy walking around the campus to reminisce and stopping by School Shop to buy UNIS Hanoi merchandise!

Can I have a tour of campus?

Of course! We are happy to give tours to alumni who have never been to this campus or who have not been here in a long time. Just complete the campus visit form to let us know you’d like a tour!

I understand there are some changes for alumni wanting to visit the campus. What do I need to know about visiting?

Alumni will need to make an appointment to visit at least 24 hours in advance through a campus visit form. In addition, alumni may not stay on campus indefinitely and without a specific purpose for the visit. Alumni should either make an appointment with the alumni office and have them serve as their sponsor during their visit or alumni can make appointments in advance to see a teacher, coach, or staff member.

Why did UNIS Hanoi make changes to policies and procedures for alumni who want to visit?

It is essential that we ensure the safety and security of our 1,200 current students and over 300 faculty and staff, so by updating our policies and procedures we have a better idea of who is on campus, when, and doing what. We really do love having alumni visit and our alumni are a vital part of our community!

What if I want to come to campus to visit and don’t make an appointment in advance?

Alumni should make appointments in advance through the campus visit form to avoid any disappointment in not being able to come onto campus and visit with faculty or staff. If an alum comes to campus without an appointment, security will show them to the advancement office to talk with the alumni team to confirm their status as an alumni and determine if a visit that day is possible.

Can recent graduates or former students come to school to hang out and catch up with friends?

Alumni may not come to campus to simply hang out with friends because it can be disruptive to the academic day. Alumni who want to see specific teachers or staff should contact them in advance to schedule a day and time to visit and also complete a campus visit form prior to visiting. Please see more information below about former students who are currently in elementary school, middle school or high school students wanting to attend classes with friends.

I am a former student and I am attending a different elementary school, middle school or high school. Can I come back to campus to visit?

Definitely! You can either come back to visit with your family or you may come back to spend some time with a friend during the academic day if arranged in advance.

If you are an elementary school student, you may eat lunch or stay for recess with an UNIS Hanoi friend. An adult must be on campus during your visit.

If you are a middle or high school student and you would like to visit classes with a friend currently enrolled at UNIS Hanoi, please ask your friend to submit a class visit form (available in the MS and HS offices) at least 24 hours in advance.

Please complete a campus visit form so that we can let security know you are coming!

As an alum, can I use the Energize facilities?

Yes! If you are an Energize member, you do not need to schedule an appointment in advance. You will need to show your passport/ID card and Energize membership to the security staff at the main gate.

Click here for more information on Energize membership for alumni.

What if I am an alumni and I advise a club or coach a team or I am doing some work on campus? Do I have to schedule an appointment every time I want to come onto campus?

If you are serving as a coach, advisor or employee in any capacity, the hiring or sponsoring department should determine if the alumni should have either a temporary card or staff card.

What else do I need to know about visiting SAS?

Just bring a photo ID with you to enter campus. We can’t wait to welcome you!

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