UNIS Impact Fund

We want our students to wake up every day knowing we can change the world! Together.

The UNIS Impact Fund is designed to support community inspired projects which will help our students do exactly that!

This year our Big Idea goals are to prototype Solar Power on campus and to create a UNIS Botanical Garden through fundraising with our community. READ MORE


The UNIS Impact Fund is designed to:

  • Engage and excite students - Student Impact!
  • Realise our ambitions as educators - Learning Impact!
  • Ensure opportunities for everyone - Community Impact!
  • Further our Mission, driven by our Values and Vision - Strategic Impact!
  • Deliver Agenda 2030 - World Impact!


Goals & Grants

The Impact Fund supports two kinds of projects:

Big Idea GOALS - ambitious projects for the benefit of our UNIS Hanoi community, selected through a community process and then adopted for our year-long Impact Fund'raising campaign.

Project GRANTS - smaller projects designed to support individuals or small groups with risk-taking, piloting, prototyping ideas or advocacy. Applications for Grants are open all year. You can send the Impact Fund Committee your application for a project funding GRANT today! Read the guidelines for proposals.


Looking for inspiration to change the world? Enjoy our launch film - It has to end - an original song by Alumnae Irma Hogberg (class of 2019).

UNIS Impact Fund Background

The UNIS Impact Fund is new for 2019-2020.

UNIS Hanoi is one of only two international UN schools in the world and is committed to the delivery of Agenda 2030 through both curriculum and service. As a not-for-profit organisation, institutional fundraising empowers UNIS Hanoi to extend the impact of its programmes beyond what is possible within a school budget.

The UNIS Impact Fund is a project fund to support learning empowered by community fundraising. 

Projects create Impact in the following areas:

  • Sustainability initiatives
  • Service Learning
  • Learning Excellence: Academics, Arts, Athletics
  • Facilities improvement
  • Professional Development

The Fund supports both ambitious community projects - the Big Ideas - chosen at the start of each year and adopted as the focus for annual community fundraising (GOALS); and smaller individual projects supporting risk-taking, pilot programmes and advocacy by small groups or individuals (GRANTS).

By working together the UNIS Hanoi community can transform lives and society!


For questions about the UNIS Impact Fund please contact our Director of Advancement, Emma Silva: doa@unishanoi.org

How does it work? The Overview

The UNIS Impact Fund is a project fund to support learning empowered by community fundraising.

Projects create Impact in the following areas:

  • Sustainability initiatives
  • Service Learning
  • Learning Excellence: Academics, Arts, Athletics 
  • Facilities improvements
  • Professional Development

The UNIS Impact Fund supports two different kinds of projects:

i) Big Ideas - GOALS
ii) Project Funding - GRANTS

The Big Ideas - GOALS are gathered from our community, shortlisted by the Impact Fund Committee in consultation with Board and Administration, and approved following community feedback.

The successful Big Ideas - GOALS are adopted as the Impact Fund'raising campaign focus for the year and the UNIS Hanoi community works together to fundraise and realise the projects.

The GRANTS for Project Funding are awarded throughout the year from proposals that students and community members submit for smaller projects. The GRANTS are funded thanks to the generosity of our School Community Organisation (SCO).

You can read the details of the UNIS Impact Fund programme.

Big Ideas - The GOALS

  • Proposals are sought for large scale, ambitious projects - Big Ideas - from the community for consideration by the Impact Fund Committee (IFC) at the start of the School year.

  • The final decision for the UNIS Impact Fund annual GOALS is made by the IFC following community feedback. Students, faculty, staff, parents and alumni students are asked for their input.

  • The successful Big Ideas are adopted as the fundraising campaign focus for the year and the UNIS Hanoi community works together to fundraise and realise the projects.

  • Impact Fund GOALS support the School’s Mission, Vision and Values and align with the Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Proposal Guidelines guide community online Applications. The deadline for applications for Big Ideas for 2019-2020 was October 21.

  • The IFC use a decision making matrix and community data to help in their decision making and project choices are finalised with respect to a realistic fundraising goal for the year and feasibility of project delivery for the School administration. See Project Decision Making guidelines.

  • GOALS are designed to be deliverable within the following school year. Annual delivery of Impact builds community momentum for annual fundraising and honors the spirit of community donations for immediate implementation. However, the Committee may approve multi year projects with exceptional Impact.

  • If the annual fundraising goal is not reached, the Committee decides which of the GOALS will receive priority. Projects not funded 100% may be carried over to the following year with partial funding reserved.

  • The annual goal may be extended if a project is scalable and additional funding may be sought with the agreement of the IFC.

  • Delivery of the successfully funded projects is the joint responsibility of the UNIS Hanoi Impact Fund Committee and the Senior Leadership of UNIS Hanoi through its Annual Action Plan.

Project Funding - The GRANTS

  • Proposals are sought for projects from small groups or individuals which align with the outlined ambitions of the Impact Fund but are smaller scale (less than 2,500 USD). 

  • GRANTS are designed to support risk-taking, pilot programmes and advocacy initiatives by small groups or individuals. They may also be used to respond to immediate or urgent opportunities for learning.

  • Proposals are evaluated and approved by the Grants Sub Committee, consisting of members from the Impact Fund Committee who are able to commit to the rolling timeline of the Grants programme.

  • The Grants Sub Committee meets on a monthly or quarterly cycle (as needed) to:

    • Review and evaluate proposals

    • Invite finalists to present/pitch their projects (if appropriate) and award grants

    • Receive reports from funded projects.

  • Rolling Grants are supported through the generous support of the School Community Organisation.

  • Proposal Guidelines will guide community online Applications

How does this work with the SCO's Project Funding?

The UNIS Impact Fund Grants are funded by the School Community Organisation.

The UNIS Impact Fund has been developed through broad community consultation. It is an evolution from the School Community Organisation's Project Funding commitment.

The work of the SCO Project Funding Committee has been a major inspiration for the UNIS Impact Fund, which has been developed in partnership with them, and SCO Project Funding Committee member, parent Iraj Da Silva is Co-Chair the UNIS Impact Fund Committee 2019-2020.

Even the title of the fund, grew from the SCO's growing desire for its fundraising to have more impact on student learning... and was confirmed by the Students themselves!

The UNIS Impact Fund is the product of our entire community and a common desire to make a difference!

The School Community Organisation has closed its own project funding programme in support of the UNIS Impact Fund.

UNIS Impact Fund Committee

At the heart of the UNIS Impact Fund is the community.

This is a project fund to support learning made possible by community fundraising and all the decisions will be taken by the Impact Fund Committee - made up of students, faculty, staff, parents and alumni!

Who is on the Impact Fund Committee? Would you like to get involved? Maybe the UNIS Impact Fund Committee is for you? Read on for details.

Committee Purpose

The UNIS Hanoi Impact Fund Committee (IFC) will ensure that funds raised in the name of the UNIS Hanoi Impact Fund are disbursed in accordance with their defined purpose, provide oversight of process and ensure integrity for donors.

The IFC will respect the UNIS Hanoi Impact Fund Programme Outline and all discussion and decision making will be within the spirit and context of the outline. 

The UNIS Hanoi IFC is a decision making group at the designation of the Head of School who shall only intervene in the process if the spirit of the UNIS Hanoi Impact Fund is not respected, the guidelines not adhered to or the institutional reputation of the School is at risk.


We want to ensure all community voices are heard and have a seat at the decision making table. The approved composition of the Committee is:

  • 6 students (2 from each division)
  • 4 parents (2 appointed by the SCO Executive)
  • 2 Faculty
  • 2 Staff
  • 2 Administrators
  • 1 Board member
  • 1 Alumni

The Impact Fund Committee for 2019-2020 has been approved as follows:

  • Co-Chairs: Emma Silva (Director of Advancement) and Iraj de Silva (Parent)
  • SCO Executive member: Chris Behr
  • Parent members: Sandra Le Courtois and Gareth Harrison Poole
  • Student members:
    • ES: Vilma Niklasson G5 and Alan Daltry G5
    • MS: Beatrice Reilly G8 and Andy Choi G8
    • HS: Solene Shelley G10 and Eddie Lee G10
  • Faculty members: 
    • ES: Christy Heitmiller
    • MS & HS:  Qingli Liu 
  • VN Staff: Han Bich Hanh and Nguyen Thi Bich Hien
  • Admin member: Megan Brazil
  • Board member: TBC (Michelle Dinh Jones attended as chair of the FTF and Board Member)
  • Alumni member: Emmanuel Selvanayagam (Class of 2003)

Work of the Committee

The work of the committee is essentially two fold:

1. To evaluate and select the finalists for the Impact Fund Annual Campaign from community submissions, and present those finalists for community feedback - the Big Idea GOALS! Following feedback, the IFC will select the annual goals for the UNIS Impact Fund'raising campaign.

2. To evaluate and approve Project GRANTS to individuals and small groups that make applications to the UNIS Impact Fund.

The Committee will be expected to support fundraising for the UNIS Impact Fund and are encouraged to be involved, but are not responsible for it. The Committee's primary role is to ensure the funds are used for maximum impact!

For full details see the Terms of Reference for the IFC (Appendix A of the programme outline).

You can contact the Impact Fund Committee: impact@unishanoi.org

How will the fundraising happen?

An annual community campaign, coordinated by the Advancement Programme combines both event and direct-donation fundraising in support of the Impact Fund’s Annual GOALS. 

  • Fundraising events and initiatives are encouraged and supported for all community members. Fundraising is approved by the Director of Advancement and in accordance with the Fundraising School Operating Regulations. All ideas are welcome!

  • Direct-donation fundraising encourages members of the community to support the UNIS Hanoi Impact Fund with a cash gift inspired by the project GOALS and their impact.

Thanks to the generous support of the School Community Organisation (SCO), the Project Funding GRANTS are funded through an annual donation from the School Community Organisations annual fundraising activities.

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