Breakthrough Coach Programme


WHEN: November 19 - 20,  2018
Day 1: Administrators ONLY
Day 2: Administrators and secretaries
WHERE: United Nations International School of Hanoi
PLACE LIMIT: 50 teams
1 administrator and 1 secretary: USD $1150 
1 administrator and 2 secretaries: USD $1535 
COURSE FACILITATOR: Malachi Pancoast - President and Founder of the Breakthrough Coach



This 2-day course is uniquely designed to present and facilitate administrative teams with the management methodology and fundamental practices of The Breakthrough Coach. With a focus on executive management, this course provides administrators with the structures, systems and procedures to effectively and successfully manage the workload in order to increase their instructional leadership time, to improve student achievement, to promote work-life balance and employee retention. On the second day, administrators and their secretaries have an opportunity to go through the training as a team for a stronger professional relationship, efficient approaches to work together, staff empowerment and satisfaction.

Learning outcomes
  • Help instructional leaders effectively organise their time so they can be out in the classrooms for two full days every week
  • Elevate the role and skill level of the school secretary to that of an executive assistant who, together with the administrator, streamlines the work
  • Achieve work-life balance for administrators and secretaries
Course outline


  • The Breakthrough Coach (TBC): Expertise in School Management
  • Breakthrough Thinking: Philosophical Underpinnings of TBC's Approach
  • Who Comes to this Program? Administrators Speak About What's at Stake
  • Programme Ground Rules: Etiquette for Participation and Group Learning

A Brief History of the Principalship

  • Where we are today
  • Management Redefined: What It Is…What It Isn't…Why It Matters?
  • Form Follows Function: The Principal's Office Deconstructed for High Performance
  • Producing a Breakthrough in Results: 7 Steps on the Road Less Traveled

The Secretary As Managerial Partner

  • Oh, What a Tangled Web We've Woven...
  • The Job of the School Secretary Redefined
  • 10 Most Effective Ways to Work with a Secretary

Linguistic Distinctions for School Leaders

  • Defining Requests, Satisfaction Requirements & Accountability
  • Negotiating Promises, Declines & Counteroffers
  • On Becoming The School's Language Leader

Building Community Support

  • How to Involve District Office, Staff, and Parents in this Initiative

Principal + Secretary = Executive Team: Bringing the Skill Sets Together

  • Working the Fundamentals Cooperatively
  • Hands-On Practice with Coaching

Completion and Goal Setting

  • Conversation for Implementation




Malachi Pancoast has been helping organisations produce breakthrough improvement in performance, productivity, and employee satisfaction since 1986, when he founded his own business consulting firm. Mr Pancoast began applying his Breakthrough coach management methodology to his work with instructional leaders in 1998, and founded The Breakthrough Coach (TBC) in 2001. His efforts have led to dramatic increases in student achievement, staff satisfaction, retention, and productivity of administrative teams in schools and districts where TBC's Management Methodology has been fully implemented.

Malachi Pancoast has led seminars and workshops on transformational leadership for instructional leaders throughout the United States and internationally. He has been a featured presenter in both professional and academic settings, including Harvard Graduation School of Education, the University of Edinburgh, and the National Associations of Elementary and Secondary School Principals.



  • United Nations International School of Hanoi
  • G9 Ciputra
  • Tay Ho
  • Hanoi, Vietnam
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