General information about the canteen, including the weekly menu and price list, is available on the website.

The canteen deli is open for breakfast from 7.30 and offers after school snacks until 16.00.

Parents are welcome to purchase food and beverages at the canteen at any time using the Campus Card.

Elementary School students

Snacks – Parents are required to provide a daily healthy snack for morning break time.

Lunch – Parents may choose to prepare food from home or purchase lunch from the school canteen. 

Discovery to Kindergarten 2 Lunch:

  • ECC lunch provided by the canteen is on a 'set menu' basis and  is delivered to ECC children to eat in their classrooms 
  • Discovery and Kindergarten 1: student lunch is included in school tuition
  • Kindergarten 2: students that register for canteen lunch will be charged a lunch fee. Lunch fee payment information here.
  • To register for canteen ECC lunch, contact the ECC Secretary at

Grades 1 - 5 Lunch:

  • Grades 1 – 5 lunch takes place in the canteen where students can heat their meals from home or choose between Asian, Western or Vegetarian set canteen meals.

Cash can be loaded onto Campus Cards in person at the canteen, in the Business Office or via Campus Online. Note: Cash loaded onto Campus Cards is shared in a family account.

Middle and High School students

Snacks – Students have access to the canteen deli during break periods or can bring snack from home.

Lunch – Students can prepare food from home or purchase meals from the canteen where they can choose from set Asian, Western, Vegetarian meals, the deli or salad bar.

Cash can be loaded onto Campus Cards in person at the canteen. Business Office or via Campus Online. Note: Cash on Campus Cards is shared in a family account.

Nut and Allergy Aware Campus

UNIS Hanoi is a 'nut and allergy aware school'. Students may bring nuts onto campus; however, we ask parents to be aware of harmful allergens that may trigger an allergic reaction in a student at school. We ask parents when preparing food that will be shared that the food being provided is clearly labelled with all known ingredients.

Parents of students with known allergies are required to complete an Allergy Action Plan and or an Asthma Action Plan. Please visit the School Health Centre to discuss your child's allergies, allergy action plan and medications. 

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