Campus Card

Every member of our UNIS Hanoi community has an individual Campus Card.

This card serves both as an essential campus security ID and provides access to several school services on campus.

  • Security: All non-student members of the UNIS Hanoi community are required to present a Campus Card card at the gates for entrance to campus. And must wear it all times on campus with an official lanyard (see detail below). Parents/Guardians who forget their cards will be required to sign in as visitors. 
  • Pay for Lunch: All students, faculty and staff will pay for canteen snacks and lunches with their Campus Card. Parents may also purchase snacks on campus when visiting. Load your family account for canteen purchases in one of three ways: 1) With a Campus Card at the cash kiosk in the canteen, 2) in the Business Office or 3) on our Campus Online site (details below). The money that is loaded onto this account will be available for all members of the family to use with their Campus Cards. Individual spending limits can be set on the campus online website.
  • Library: You can use your Campus Card to check out books from the library.
  • Printing: For Students, Faculty and Staff only the Campus Card is required to use the printers/copiers.

New Cards for New Families

New families receive their Campus Cards in their Welcome Packs on Orientation Day. If you have any queries about your student or parent Campus Cards please contact Admissions.

Cards for Home Support

Any member of your Home Support staff who will be regularly on campus to either drop off or collect your children will need to have an individual Campus Card. This would typically include, Nannies, Maids/Housekeepers and Drivers. We also will use this same Campus Card for family relatives who are regularly on campus in a Home Support role.

Parents should complete the Campus Card Home Support Online Request Form for each member of the Home Support team. There is no charge for new cards. 

Please note, for ease of traffic circulation at busy times, cars with UNIS Hanoi permits will be allowed on campus without the driver wearing a Home Support Campus Card on a lanyard. However, if the driver leaves the vehicle he or she must wear a Campus Card on a lanyard.

Lost/Broken/Replacement/Expired Cards

Please note a charge of 220,000 VND will be made for replacement cards except for expired cards or student cards that are re-issued due to a move to a new division of the school.

Colour Coded Security

Please wear your Campus Card with you at all times on campus to help our security:

  • BLUE Lanyards: UNIS Hanoi faculty & staff and students (when required)
  • DARK RED Lanyards: Parents/guardians
  • BRIGHT RED Lanyard: Home Support members (Maid/Housekeeper/Nanny/Driver and relatives regularly on campus)
  • YELLOW Lanyards: For campus visitors (ID required for sign in at security)

Campus Online

Campus Online is the online site which allows all parents and staff to deposit funds onto a family account for use with Campus Cards for purchasing food and beverages at the school canteen. Cards are individual but the account is for the family. Parents can also use this site to view what their child has been buying from the school canteen or set individual spending limits for family members.

Please note that Home Support staff will be assigned to your family account and will also have access to the funds in the family account for the canteen.

Please note charges are applied by the provider for this online service.


Username and Password information is available for UNIS Hanoi community members from our Tech Support Team   

For more information:

  1. Campus Online User guide
  2. Campus Online FAQ
  3. Campus Card Top Up Online Video
  4. Campus Card Online - Family Account Video
  5. Visitor Vouchers Video



Please contact the Operations Secretary, Ms Minh Ngo

  • United Nations International School of Hanoi
  • G9 Ciputra
  • Tay Ho
  • Hanoi, Vietnam
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