Donor Roll of Honour 14-15

The future for two talented young students from disadvantaged families was transformed in 2014-2015 thanks to the generous gifts from our community for The Scholarship Fund.

Founders Fund

Our Founders Fund received an anonymous gift to kick start our major gifts campaign.

In addition, The Bitexco Founders Scholarship was also created thanks to the generous donation from UNIS Hanoi parent, Vu Quang Hoi and Family with the Bitexco Group.

TOTAL: 100,000 USD

Annual Community Campaign 2014-2015

Our Annual Community Campaign 14-15 saw families, faculty, staff and alumni all join together to raise nearly 80,000 USD to fund a new three-year scholarship at UNIS Hanoi.

The gift recognition is in alphabetical order by first name (of the first name listed) within each gift club category.

TOTAL: 79,469 USD
GIFTS: 282 

Ca Gift Club (Fish) 1-999 USD

TOTAL: 28,231 USD 

Abu-Gyamfi Abunyewa
Alvaro Grana
Amy Pitcairn and Imran Bashar
Andre Cools
Andrew Dutton
Andrew Stewart
Andy and Maggie Cole
Anissa Zotos
Annie Carson and Stefan Muntwyler
Ariko Ozaki
Ben McKenzie
Beth Murray
Bracewell/Buckner Family
Bronagh and Daniel Lucardie
Brondum Reeh Family
Bui Hai Hoa
Bui Thanh Huong
Carlo Palusci
Cathie Matthews
Chin Tsang Cheng
Chris Frost
Christine Motyl
Christy Heitmiller
Claudia Marinei
Claudio Gutierrez - Raquel Chaparro
Cody and Nora Taggart
Colette A’Bear
Da Eun Seo
Dang Thi Huong Giang
Dang Van Chuyen
David Carter
David Minh Nguyen Abel
Deborah Wells-Clinton
Dinh An Ha
Dinh Ha Anh Phuong
Dinh Kim Thuy
Dinh Thi Hong Ha
Do Duc Tien
Do Quan
Do Thi Bich Ha
Doan Trinh
Donna Frose
Dung’s Family
Duong Anh Duc
Elisa e Giulio Dini
Fairbairn Family
Family of Nguyen Xuan Quang
Family of Tran Dieu Anh
Family Smedberg - Back
Florence Bridgwater
Gabit and Anastasia Ismailov
Grade 6 Student Contribution
Grun Wynn Family
Ha Nguyen
Ha Thi Phuong Thao
Han Byeol Jang
Hang Tran
Hanh Tran
Heidi and Phillip Sanchez
Hirotaka Takeda
Hoang Thi Thuy
Hue Le
Huong Anh Nguyen
Huynh Thi Mai Dung
Hwang Mi Ae Gosan
Iftekar Ahmed, Wendy Werner, Umreen
and Omar Werner-Ahmed
Igor Kortunov
Ilse van Heerden
Jackson, Alexis, Jasper
and Atticus Garland
Jacqueline & Penelope Carter
Jan and Kai Humpleby and Abdoula Ahmed
Jenny Hedrick
Jessica Nopthaisong
Jimin Lee
Jody O’Dea
John, Kim Anh and Kevin Davis
Julius and Joe-Ben Hart
Junpei Kanetaka
Khushi Kapoor
Kim Oanh Nguyen
Kim Thi Thu Huong
Kinuko Saito
Kristine D’Alesandro
Laura Ramoso
Le Bach Quynh
Le Hoai Duc and Le Hoai Nghia
Le Hong Long
Le Lang Priam
Le Minh Duc and Mark Prasertjing
Le Nguyen
Le Thanh Huong
Len and Louise Archer
Lin Turley
Linh Nguyen
Loc Nguyen Xuan
Luc Vu
Luu Quoc Hung
Luu Thi Huyen Trang
M. Nahoum
Marina and Anthony Slewka
Marisa and Andy Rama
Martin Newell and Family
Matteo Badii
Matteo Valles
Maurice Humphries
McHale family
Megan Todd and Nazzareno Todini
Meina Kuroda
Melanie Sanchez
Melissa Griffin
Michael Cyrus, Ed.D.
Michelle Wise
Minh To
Mona Byrkit
Moyale Family
Mukhayyo and Bakhodir Burkhanov
My Bach
Naoko Inui
Ngo Hai Anh
Ngo Quang Kha
Ngo The Hung
Nguyen Duc Hanh
Nguyen Hong Lam
Nguyen Hong Quyen
Nguyen Khanh Trinh
Nguyen Ky Anh and Trinh Tuong Van
Nguyen Thi Cam Tu
Nguyen Thi Mai
Nguyen Thi Phuong
Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy
Nguyen Thi Thuy Lien
Nguyen Thi Y Lang
Nguyen Thu Hang
Nguyen Van Than
Nikki Lakwijk
Noa, Adi and Gony Inbar
Nobuyuki Iseri
Noi’s family
Nova Biswas
Olga Paxe
Patricia and James Mullen
Paul Swanson
Pham Thi Kim Oanh and Mr Park
Phan Thi Phuong Huyen
and Isabella Phanlyne
Phan Thuy Van
Phung Hoai Ngoc
Prakhar Sharma
Robert Hughes
Ryan Lim Yan Xing
Saleema Bao Chau Khalil
Sally Oxenberry
Sandra Schneiderman
Sang Woo Kang
Sayeh and Mark Peterson
Sean Chung
Sibylle Harth
Soo Ik Jung
Sook Hee Jeong
Su Ho Jeong
Su Yun Jeong
Tarique, Cortney, Jada and Omar
Thabo Mpiwa
Thai Nguyen
Thao Nguyen
The van der Velden - Garners
The Vermeire Family
Thuy An Le
Tony and Margaret Freeman
Tran Hoai An
Tran Hong Hai and Family
Tran Thi Bich Lan’s Family
Tran Thu Dung
Trinh Quang Tuan
Trung Nguyen
Tsuyoshi Ishihara
Tuan Ly
Vu Le Hoa
Whibley Family
Yeon Suh Jee
Yoon and Andrew Durbin
Yoon Joo Man
Yu Shu Tsai
Yuto Shindori
Zoe Banh
76 Anonymous Gifts

Phuong Gift Club (Phoenix) 1000 - 2499 USD

TOTAL: 18,878 USD
Carole Denny
Chi and Quang Nguyen
Dan Hamer and Maeve O’Donovan
Do Anh Tu
Edward and Nao Gilbreath
Emma, William and Francesco Silva
Janet Field
Jim Ambrose
Kirill Korolev and Sofya Koroleva
Long Gan
Nadya Putri
Nguyen Doan Long and Nguyen Doan
Linh Kiet
Nguyen Van Anh
Peace Dental
Pete Kennedy
Thang Trinh
01 Anonymous Gift

Quy Gift Club (Turtle) 2500 - 4999 USD

TOTAL: 8,040 USD
Chip Barder and Lillian Canada
Nandini, Sanjay, Ela and Siddharth
01 Anonymous Gift 

Lan Gift Club (Unicorn) 5000 - 9999 USD

TOTAL: 5,000 USD
Tony Foster

Long Gift Club (Dragon) 10000 + USD

TOTAL: 19,320 USD
Ho Minh Anh’s Family
Pham Thi Xuan Dung
  • United Nations International School of Hanoi
  • G9 Ciputra
  • Tay Ho
  • Hanoi, Vietnam
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