Advancement 2020

Advancement 2020 (ADV 2020) is a strategic plan to direct Advancement Programme activities and priorities in support of Strategy 2020 at UNIS Hanoi for five years (2015-2016 until 2019-2020).

Advancement at UNIS Hanoi is a Board-led, School managed programme.

Goals Statement

“The UNIS Hanoi Advancement Programme supports, celebrates and promotes Learning to Inspire. It engineers possibilities and connectivity for our learning community, and instructs and unleashes a joyful culture of philanthropy to advance the School’s Mission, promote its Principles, reinforce its Values and realise its Vision for a better world.”

GOAL A: Excellent Communication

“Advancement supports, celebrates and promotes Learning to Inspire…” 

Objective 1.
We will actively position UNIS Hanoi as essential for our current and prospective communities.

Objective 2.
We will ensure effective and intuitive communications.

GOAL B: Connected Community

“Advancement engineers possibilities and connectivity...”

Objective 1.
We will make the most of our unique distinction as a UN International School.

Objective 2.
We will prioritise authentic and productive parent partnerships.

Objective 3.
We will connect Global Alumni to the School and each other.

Objective 4.
We will position and promote UNIS Hanoi as an outstanding community resource and centre of excellence.

GOAL C: Community with no Bystanders

"Advancement instructs and unleashes a joyful culture of philanthropy…”

Objective 1.
We will successfully complete The Scholarship Fund campaign.

Objective 2.
We will develop the Scholarship Programme model to include post-graduation opportunities.

Objective 3.
We will empower engaged Board leadership for the Advancement Programme.

Objective 4.
Actively plan philanthropic priorities for S2020 and beyond.

For more information please contact the Director of Advancement, Emma Silva 

  • United Nations International School of Hanoi
  • G9 Ciputra
  • Tay Ho
  • Hanoi, Vietnam
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