Child Protection

Child Protection is our Priority

UNIS Hanoi is committed to providing a safe environment for all students. The UNIS Hanoi Board of Directors has adopted a child protection policy (2.1.4 School Policy Document) and reviews and updates corresponding regulations and programming every three years.

As a United Nations founded institution, UNIS Hanoi endorses the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of the Child. Additionally, the school strictly adheres to all applicable local statutes with regard to child protection. At UNIS Hanoi, each child’s welfare is paramount. We ensure that our students enjoy the right to be protected from harm and exploitation and to have their welfare safeguarded.

UNIS Hanoi has formulated and implemented a comprehensive Child Protection Programme. Our effort to ensure the safeguarding of students begins with our careful vetting and selection of new staff. We practice a safe hiring regimen. Potential employees are thoroughly screened to ensure that they have no issues in their background that could pose a threat to our students. The School demands that contractors whose employees are on our campus conduct the same type of background screening that we do for our own employees. UNIS Hanoi directors, employees, contractors and volunteers agree to abide by the school’s Code of Conduct with regard to proper interactions with students.

The school promotes its child safeguarding efforts in an ongoing fashion. Our programme focuses on providing prevention, protection and support. As part of our efforts, we:

  • Require all staff to report suspicions or disclosures of abuse or neglect to school authorities
  • Train teachers annually to recognize abuse and how to respond
  • Educate students on awareness and self-protection
  • Enforce a closed campus, use video surveillance and have modified facilities to enhance protection
  • Perform child protection risk assessments for events and activities that affect our students
  • Network with community and health services for holistic referrals 
  • Network with local authorities and the diplomatic community to ensure offender accountability.
At UNIS Hanoi, we have established procedures and protocols to respond to any suspected child safety concern. Our counselors serve as the key points of contact for any issues related to child abuse or neglect. Additionally, the school has designated a deputy principal to serve as its Child Protection Leader. This administrator schedules semi-annual meetings of the school’s Learning Leadership Team (LLT) to review the child protection programme and ensure its implementation. When an incident might arise, the school has also created a Child Protection Response Team to investigate and make recommendations in each matter. If cases of abuse or neglect are identified, UNIS Hanoi will act to ensure that the abuse ceases and offenders are held accountable. To this end, the school will make use of therapeutic services, employer intervention and local and home country law enforcement resources as the situation demands.

For any questions please contact our Child Protection Leader, Stephen Lush 

  • United Nations International School of Hanoi
  • G9 Ciputra
  • Tay Ho
  • Hanoi, Vietnam
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