After School Activities (ASAs) Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an ASA and other co-curricular programmes?

ASAs are offered to students from Discovery to Grade 12. The After School Activities (ASAs) Programme is there to complement the exploratory activities, competitive sports, performing arts and clubs within the Co-Curricular Activities Programme and provide an extension to the regular curriculum. The ASA programme give students the opportunity to experiment with a variety of activities throughout each session.

Adversely, other co-curricular programmes often require more commitment, time and a  deeper understanding of the activity.

I can’t sign-in to CHQ, what do I do?

Firstly, ensure you use THIS CHQ Homepage when entering your Username and Password. If you still cannot sign-in then change your password (location illustrated below) and follow the instruction given:

How do I register for ASAs?

We use the CHQ online system for registrations. For more on CHQ click HERE.

For instructions on how to register through CHQ click the appropriate link below:

CHQ registrations for parents of Elementary School students.

CHQ registrations for Middle/High School students.


How many ASAs can my child request for each session?

Grades 6-12 students:   no limit

Grades 2-5 students:     5 requests

D-Grade 1 students:       5 requests

What is the maximum number of ASAs that my child can participate in each session?

Grades 4-12 students:  no limit

Grades 2-3 students: a maximum of 3 ASAs per week

Kindergarten 2-Grade 1 students: a maximum of 2 ASAs per week

Kindergarten 1 students: a maximum of 1 ASA per week for the Winter (2) and Spring (3) sessions 

How does the registration phase ‘Random by Preference’ work?

‘Random by Preference’ means that all preference 1 pending applications will be processed first, in a random fashion by the system, then if any places remain, preference 2 requests will be processed, then preference 3 and so on.

If my child has participated in an ASA, are his/her chances to get that ASA again lower?

Yes, for the ‘popular’ ASAs. 

What is a ‘popular’ ASA?

This varies from session to session. Therefore, if an ASA has a waiting list of 10 or more from the past session it is deemed popular. Students who have been able to participate in the ‘popular’ ASAs will have a lower chance of participating in the same ASA again that year. 

Why do we not have more ASAs available at UNIS Hanoi?

There are a number of reasons: facilities, teachers, appropriate levels of opportunity, time slots. However, the number of ASAs provided to our students are aligned with, and in most cases exceeded offerings when compared to our benchmark schools.

Does UNIS Hanoi hire 3rd party companies or individuals to expand the programme?

In rare cases where the programme may fill a void in what we offer, and UNIS Hanoi has reviewed the credibility of the institution/individual. Proximity to UNIS Hanoi when vendor is off site and/or facility availability here at UNIS Hanoi are taken into consideration. 

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