Hosting and Homestay FAQs


What do I need to provide as a host family?

  • Accommodation - Sleeping quarters for your guest(s).
  • Some Meals - This will primarily be breakfast each morning and possibly two to three dinners.  Most participants will be at school or the event venue during lunch time, and have an activity planned around dinner.
  • Laundry - The students may need to have their uniforms washed on competition/performance days.  We would appreciate you helping them with this.  If the best way for you to do this is to show them how to use the washer, that is fine.
  • Transportation - We ask that you pick up your guests at the designated location specified in the Host Family Packet which you will receive well in advance of your guest arriving.  For the duration of the event, we ask you to provide transportation for visiting students between your home and UNIS Hanoi.  In some cases UNIS Hanoi can help arrange bus transportation at a fixed pick-up/drop-off locations.
  • Supervision - At least one parent or responsible adult should be present in the home while your guests are staying with you.

How many visiting students am I expected to house?

Generally we prefer to put our guests up in pairs.  When two visiting students are together it makes the experience more comfortable for the guests as well as the host family.  However, some of our UNIS Hanoi hosts take 4 to 6 guests at a time.

Do we need to give the students their own rooms or can they share?

It is appropriate to put two (or more) students in a room together.

Will I have mixed gender guest (e.g. one boy and one girl)?

No, your assigned guests will be all of one gender.

Are cots, sleeping bags, or a mattress on the floor acceptable?

A bed is preferred, but cots, sleeping bags or a mattress on the floor are acceptable.  If students are on the floor, there should be some form of cushioning under them i.e. air mattress, floor mattress, etc.  Please provide appropriate bedding.

If the participants use a taxi, do we provide taxi money?

Transportation should be the responsibility of the host family. If for some reason you can’t provide transportation, please provide taxi fare or arrange for alternate transportation. Guests should not take a taxi without a UNIS Hanoi host student or parent. In some cases UNIS Hanoi can help arrange bus transportation at a fixed pick-up/drop-off location.

What are curfew calls and are they necessary?

Calls will be made to your home phone, not to a mobile, unless your home has no land line. Please be prepared to receive these phone calls at approximately 10:00pm each night. Although this may seem inconvenient, we ask that you be patient and understand that this procedure is taken seriously by the chaperones and their schools as a way of ensuring the safety and well-being of their students. You can have your guests near the phone at curfew time so as to cause minimum disturbance to you and your family.  

What is meant by curfew violations?

A curfew violation occurs when a participant is not in the host family’s home by the curfew time set up for that particular event.  The participants will be scheduled to be back to your homes well before curfew, allowing them plenty of time to arrive by the deadline.  There should be no attempt to “cover” for the students.  If a chaperone calls and your guests are not in, please tell the chaperone and they can either call back or have the students call when they arrive.  The curfew time is very important to follow, and for safety reasons will be strictly enforced.  Also, please note that there are no exceptions to the stated curfew times; curfew will not be extended for anyone at any time.

If a student has broken the rules, whom do I call?

If there is anything happening that you question, please call the Director of Activities, Mr. Tarique AL-Iesa at +84 125 882-8672 immediately. Another appropriate action is to communicate with the chaperone. Either way, the Director of Activities should be informed. We do not want you to have a negative experience in any way. A shared set of rules and expectations will be included in the Host Family Information Packet.

Do parents/guardians have to be at home during housing?

Please make sure that if you offer to house that at least one parent/guardian is in Hanoi and available to act as chaperone and emergency contact.

We understand that we are to provide breakfast, and possibly dinner for the participants, but who pays if they want to go out?

If students want to go out for dinner, and it is no problem for you, they pay their meal themselves. Most visitors bring extra money for these situations. Only official group dinners are allowed and the coach/chaperone must be present with the entire group. Official group dinners or other special trips for individual groups during an event must be approved by and coordinated with the event director, and clearly communicated to the host family.

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