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A New Experience For The Huong La Children
Posted 16/12/2019 04:55PM

Huong La Centre is an orphanage for physically disabled and developmentally delayed children which is an hour away from UNIS Hanoi. The Huong La Centre is one of UNIS Hanoi's service learning partners. We have a high school service-learning group supporting Huong La, who meets on a weekly basis during the school day. 

Our Huong La service learning group visit the orphanage each year, and this year we wanted to provide an opportunity for the children at the Huong La Centre to experience a musical production at UNIS Hanoi. On December 7, 19 children from Huong La Centre came to UNIS Hanoi to watch the elementary school play Aristocats. This was an exciting experience for the children who really enjoyed the musical.

 huong la

huong la

We would like to congratulate all of the elementary performers and crew for putting on a truly entertaining show and thank them for being so accommodating of our service learning group and the children of Huong La.

If you would like to support our service group, we will have a booth up at Spring Fair. 

Minh van der Wielen G10 Huong La Service Learning Leader
Audrey Hanson G10 Hunog La Service Learning Leader 

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