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UNISMUN- Meet The Secretary General!
Posted 16/12/2019 05:05PM

The United Nations describes the Secretary General, also known as the S.G, as the chief administrative officer. UN underlines that the Secretary General is a symbol of United Nations ideals and a representative voice for the interests of people around the world.

The same applies for the position of Secretary General in the UNISMUN Conference. The S.G is entrusted with the responsibility of public relations and administrative tasks. They monitor all operations and oversee all Student Officers prior to and during the Conference. Being a Secretary General requires a lot of hard work and skills.

With that said, we are delighted for you to meet our Secretary General: Harrison Wallace.

A short introduction from the Secretary General:

My name is Harrison Wallace and I'm currently in grade 11. I joined MUN in Grade 9 as a way to broaden my knowledge on international affairs and to practice public speaking. After the first mock October conference, I was selected to be the crisis director. My job was to run a crisis simulation council during the March Conference. I had this role for two years before joining the MUN Leadership Team and becoming SG.

What are you hoping to achieve as a S.G?

As this year's Secretary General I'm hoping to improve the general process in which we run the conference so that it runs smoothly as possible. I also hope to provide the best avenue for students from all sorts of schools to express their views under the guise of their respective delegations by providing them the necessary resources.


As of so far, how do you feel about our progress towards the conference?

This year we are making good headway towards the conference and by the time we meet up again after the December Holiday, there will be little work left to do. The delegates are working really hard to finish their policy statements as well as starting on their resolutions. I am very proud of where we are right now as a UNISMUN team.

What is your biggest challenge right now as a SG? 

Being Secretary General means that I'm one of the major points of information for almost a hundred rising delegates—some of whom have never been in MUN before. This means that I have to be prepared and have the knowledge to answer a wide array of questions.

What are your thoughts on the UNISMUN XII Conference theme: Cultural and Heritage Protection? 

This year's theme is on cultural heritage protection and it's a theme that I myself find important. As global warming and industrialisation rise, multiple priceless cultural sites and artifacts are being destroyed. Being a multinational school, I find that it's of utmost importance to learn to respect and value all symbols of another's culture.

Stay tuned for further updates! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us through the UNIS MUN Facebook Page.

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