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TOK Knowledge Seminars: Understanding how we learn & how we know
Posted 11/11/2019 09:40AM

Year 1 ToK students have begun their TOK Knowledge Seminar process. The purpose of the TOK Knowledge Seminar Process is for participants to examine, evaluate & understand the role that the ways of knowing play in knowing, the production, consumption & evaluation of knowledge & the questions raised by the ongoing relationship between shared & personal knowledge.

Each participant individually takes on the role of a Knowledge Rapporteur. (Rapporteur- someone chosen by an organisation to prepare reports of meetings or to investigate and report on a problem, in this case a WOK) with the goal to develop answers to the following questions as part of their investigation and discussion.

Along the way, students have been asking their subject area teachers for some suggestions about specific real life situations!

These presentations are not about transmission; they are about dialogue & discussion.

Everyone is invited & Knowledge Seminars are taking place over the next two weeks in B5 G20, G21 & G29.

Come & share in the production of knowledge!

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