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Community Movie Nights
Posted 16/10/2019 03:04PM

The SCO is excited to provide parents and their respective cultural groups the opportunity to share their movie heritage with the UNIS-Hanoi Community.

If you have any movies from back home that brings back memories of home or your childhood, tells a gripping story or just makes you want to laugh out loud...We want you to share it with us !

The screenings are intended to be for an adult audience and the movies can be of any genre as long as it does not go against UNIS' core values.

General Guidelines 


  • UNIS Parents, Staff and Teachers. Wednesday night screenings are ONLY for adult audiences.
  • Under special circumstances; UNIS Students maybe invited to a separate screening if the school determines that the movie has an academic impact.

Days: Wednesdays 7.30 pm onwards
Location: Community Room (B7-114)
Cost : Free

Movie Selection:

  • Movies should be in its native language and preferably with English subtitles
  • Movies should not go against UNIS-Hanoi's core values
  • Movies that are banned in Vietnam cannot be accepted
  • Genre of the movie is to be determined by the individuals screening the movie.
  • Movies, preferably, should be in digital format. DVDs can be acceptable provided the regional format settings are compatible with the equipment available at UNIS. If any other medium is to be used for the screening; it will be the responsibility of the individual/group screening the movie to source and setup the specialised equipment.
  • Pirated copies of movies and off of pirated streaming sites and free youtube channels are not acceptable.

Sign-up :

  • Requests/Booking for screening movies are to be made on the provided sign-up sheet (Found HERE)
  • Sign-ups should be done at least 3 weeks prior to the night of the screening.
  • Individuals wishing to screen a movie should liaise with their cultural representatives when signing up. In case of a small community where there is no Cultural Rep (or the Cultural Rep is unknown), the parent is to liaise with the movie night coordinators.
  • Liaise with Cultural Movie Night Coordinator to promote the event to the community (via Tin Tuc and Facebook)
  • Liaise with the movie night coordinators to ensure :
    • Proper licensing rights for a private screenings are available for the movie
    • (if and when SCO purchases a license for a movie; the license/legal-copy of the movie shall remain the property of the SCO)
  • Equipment is setup and tested ahead of time and ready for screening

The Screening:

  • If the cultural group or individual wishes to make a presentation and initiate a dialog with the audience on the artistic merits or cultural significance of the movie; they are more than welcome to do so and is at their own discretion. What is expected at a minimum is a short introduction (not more than 1 minute) before the movie.
  • The audience will be asked to bring their own snacks and drinks for themselves. Wine and beer will be permitted at the adult-only screenings (students not permitted when alcohol is present). If a cultural group (or individual) decides to bring in snacks/comfort food that are from their homeland (for everyone) to complement their movie; it will be at the full discretion of the cultural group and is not mandatory.

You can contact the Movie Night Coordinators Chris Behr and Iraj de Silva or email

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