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Matthew Moore and Kate Ruddon, High School and Alumni parents
Posted 13/06/2019 12:19PM
Parents Perspective

Kate: One thing that stands out about UNIS Hanoi is the excellence of the faculty. Every single teacher our children have had has been fantastic and supportive all the way through. Our kids themselves recognise this and tell us how much they like their teachers. That’s been a very positive thing.

Matt: Whenever we’ve needed to contact our children’s teachers, we’ve never been met with anything but welcome and responsiveness. At UNIS Hanoi, teachers are responsive and attentive to parents; we can’t say that about every school. The idea of education as a three­way partnership between students, teachers, and parents is part of the mindset of UNIS Hanoi teachers and staff.

Kate: What we appreciate about UNIS Hanoi is the sense of community that the school offers. Our family is part of the school community. To be that involved on campus as Middle and High school parents was really important to us and it has been a fantastic experience. We come to school for all the events and there are lots of opportunities to volunteer. Classrooms and teachers are open and welcoming for conferences and one­-on-­one discussion. We feel very connected to this great community. ”

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