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Designing for the Stage!
Posted 06/05/2019 12:20PM

Audience members attending Shrek: The Musical may have noticed the set pieces and props used by our fantastically talented HS actors. These unique pieces were developed and produced by the grade 9 design class with consultation from grade 10 engineering. After meeting with the client/Director, Ms. TP, students chose to pursue either digital or product work for the production. Digital designers tackled the publication content including posters, programmes, tickets and a trailer. Product designers created set design such as Princess Fiona's tower, Shrek's hut/Farquaad's chamber, castle gates, and the may pole. Other product designers took on individual props such as the Guard's spears/axe, Pinocchio's nose and Shrek's family ears. This authentic opportunity required students to use design thinking skills to make informed decisions, manage time, design & execute based on client needs.

Pinocchio's 3D printed and functioning nose to 'grow' with the slide of hand

Princess Fiona's tower

Guard's axe

Duloc castle gates/Dragon's keep

may pole

Farquaad's chamber/Shrek's hut

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