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HS First Aid iBlock Exploration Class
Posted 20/02/2019 05:14PM

Glenda Baker & I had a really fun time this week working with Mr. Taggart's First Aid iBlock exploration class. As you may know, this is the first year that the HS (and MS) are running iBlock classes where students learn about topics and concepts that provide them the opportunity to engage with authentic, real-world tasks that interest them. This First Aid class is a great example of this, as all students have voluntarily decided to pursue a full First Aid Certification from the American Red Cross!

In iBlock classes, student self-assess using the IB's Approaches to Learning (ATL);  you can learn more about ATL here.

During the First Aid class, we had to simulate a person who was suffering from wither heat stroke or hypothermia. It was great to see the students having fun, while learning in a hands-on way.

Here were some student reflections:

  • "I learned that the victim might not respond the way I want or expect and I should keep in mind that every victim will be different and may not comply."
  • "I learned that I need to be more aware of where it is taken place so that I could use other people that are available to help."
  • "I need to ask for consent at first place and ensure that consent is given before any other further actions happen. Every victim has a different way to respond, and adopt to every situation that happens."
  • "I learned that I will always need to get consent before actually helping the victim. Even though he was struggling to respond, I should still wait for his clear consent before helping him."
  • "I need to ensure that I call for help even if the situation is not life-threatening".

Scott Schaffner
HS Principal

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