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THIMUN 2018 . . . In Their Own Words
Posted 10/12/2018 01:59PM

The students who attended the THIMUN Conference this year were asked to describe the conference in their own words. Here is a selection of the comments that they made.

Vi Nguyen
For me, THIMUN wasn’t just a formal debate, but it was also an opportunity to make friends across the globe. I started from not wanting to raise my placard at all to raising it after every questions asked by the chair. A highlight of my committee is definitely when Mexico tried to legalized drugs as a solution to organized crime; that was definitely the most controversial debate I’ve ever participated in.

Shin Young Kim
THIMUN has always been an event I would look forward to, and each year, it does not disappoint.

In THIMUN we have the opportunities to meet new amazing people, and further develop our public speaking, leadership, and critical thinking skills.

If you truly do love MUN and debate, THIMUN is an incredible chance that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Tiffany Cheng
THIMUN has been a memorable experience, having made new friends from the conference and was given the chance to take part in some fruitful debates. I not only enjoyed the intense debate we had in my committee, I also liked the free time we had every evening.

Hanbee Seo
This trip has allowed me to improve as a delegate through collaborating with other delegates and discussing the different methods to solve certain issues. Thus, this trip helped me to stand out of the comfort zone where I could socialise further with more diverse communities.

Thuy An Le
THIMUN provided me with an opportunity not only to meet and connect with people from various cultures and nationalities, but also to debate and to work together with them to propose solutions to real world problems. As such, the highlight of THIMUN for me would definitely be the people: the intelligent, admirable individuals that I got to work with and learn from.


Ha Nguyen
I like THIMUN! It has given me a great opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and speak up in front of a full auditorium of people. I learned so many things, more than I could ever thought of. I will use this experiment to continue developing my skills for the upcoming UNIS MUN and other MUN conferences in the future.

Bao Chau Nguyen
THIMUN was a difficult yet rewarding experience that you just simply can’t forget. From the long hours of actively listening to debates and trying to pick out details from everyone’s speech to actually standing up on the podium to speak, even if you are allowed to speak for a certain number of times. It is all worth it in the end to see people actually cooperate and agree with each other’s stances on the topic, even though half the time we were always at each other’s necks.


Kiet Nguyen
THIMUN Singapore 2018 was an unforgettable experience; especially the Black Friday. It was my first ever MUN conference so at the beginning I was very nervous about being roasted by other delegates but however, that never happens. I had a fun time coming up with solutions to world issues and debating with students from everywhere in the world. One of the best thing at THIMUN was the Instagram page (@thimundane) filled with interesting memes and kept the energy up for the whole week of debate. Despite having a lot of threats on legalizing prostitution, overall the experience was remarkable and I will never forget this year’s THIMUN Singapore.

Miki Takechi
The highlight of THIMUN was cooperating with students from all over Asia in order to create a substantial resolution to serious issues humanity face today. Through this experience I learnt how to effectively answer challenging POIs (Points of Information)  on the spot and my debating skills improved so much more. Furthermore, the friendship I was able to build within the 5 days at THIMUN allowed me to make new connections with many students from different cultural backgrounds. I believe this experience helped me grow as a participant of MUN and an active debater.


Min Jae Kang
THIMUN is an unforgettable experience. We had the opportunity to meet delegates from thirteen different countries and discuss world issues with them. This was a valuable experience as I got to meet outstanding public speakers and global thinkers from all around the world. After the conferences, we had time to explore Singapore, and this created a bond between the UNIS delegates.

Kevin Rayan
Our GA effectively debated and passed over 7 resolutions out of the 9 resolution made. THIMUN unlike most of the sporting events I have been to helps you make a really close bond with many different people around the world and that bond is meant to last for years to come. I did not only learn about world issues but THIMUN was a great opportunity to learn how to interact with people from different regions, how to make important decisions within short periods of time and mainly how to back yourself under any circumstance against anyone.

Hannah Seo
THIMUN conference gave me opportunities to strengthen my public speaking skills, communication skills and team work. The trip was full of passion, excitement and commitment. I met numerous number of friends from all over the world, and I wish to join THIMUN again next year!

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