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Bring Your Own Device Q&A
Posted 15/06/2018 03:46PM

A Q&A Parent session about Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) for returning students in Grades 8 through 11 was held on Thursday, May 31. Please find below the discussion summary following with responses listed by category. 

Accidental Damage

You may be able to have an accidental damage rider added to your homeowners or renters insurance. While UNIS Hanoi is not endorsing Clements Worldwide Insurance, their agents indicate that they may be able to assist you with insurance options. Please click on this link for additional information.

If accidental damage is caused by the actions of another student the first option is for you to have conversations with the parents of the other student. The incidence of this is extremely rare at UNIS Hanoi. Without checking records further I can remember 3 instances in the past 5 years.

BYOD Setup

Some students have opted to come in for BYOD setup of their devices prior to summer. This is an interim step as the software lists by classes are not complete at this time. Students may have to download additional software during the summer.

Summer BYOD Communications

Any BYOD email to students will be copied to parents as well. Please note that students retaining their Fujitsu for one additional year will not receive BYOD announcements. An email with instructions on how to enroll your device and install required software will be sent in July so you can get started before school starts.

Choosing a Laptop

Recommended laptop models and specifications are covered in our guide, but we want to highlight a few recommendations for when you select a laptop. Our minimum requirement is 4.5 hours of battery life, however we recommend laptops that offer 8 or more hours. Eight or more hours of battery life means students can make it through the entire day without charging. They are more likely to have several hours of battery life remaining if they forget to charge it at night.

We recommend laptops that have USB C (also known as USB Type C) chargers as they are compatible with more power adapters and their chargers tend to be more affordable. We recommend purchasing two chargers with the laptop so one can be kept at school and one at home.

We do recommend that you purchase a backpack and a hard shell case when you purchase the laptop. The case will reduce the risk of damage if the laptop is dropped.


The installation of games will not be blocked by the school provided antivirus unless the game contains a virus (usually due to pirated software). Students are expected to use their laptop responsibility as outlined in our responsible use agreement. The agreement states “I will respect my classmates and teachers by only engaging in appropriate activity during class time (for example, no social media, gaming, chatting, etc)... While on campus I will use the school network and systems in a responsible and educationally appropriate manner.”

While at home, students are expected to follow their family guidelines regarding gaming and device usage. Common Sense Media provides sample contracts for ES, MS and HS students, as well as a template for families to create their own.

Loaner Laptops

When a student forgets his/her laptop at home the Tech Office will check out a device for the day. The student will be expected to return the device at the end of the day before leaving school.

If a student has a damaged laptop the Tech Office will loan a device to the student for up to two weeks while his/her primary device is repaired. In the event that a repair is taking longer than two weeks, we will work with families for case by case loaner extensions. Our main concern is for learning to continue and a damaged laptop should not prevent learning.


One parent suggestion was for IT to staff a genius bar for BYOD support. We don’t yet have the physical space to build the genius bar at this time, but our tech office is meant for walk in requests. Please do not hesitate to drop in for a visit in B6-101 between 7:30am and 6pm (Monday through Friday) for a consultation.

Ed Gilbreath
Tech Director

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