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End of Year Reminder from The School Health Centre
Posted 08/06/2018 05:17PM


Once again, another school year is about to end. There are several important reminders that the School Health Centre (SHC) nurses would like to bring to everyone's attention:

It is important to keep the SHC updated on any changes regarding your child's health.

UNIS Hanoi requires all returning students to have a physical examination by a doctor and a new Medical Package completed every third year. Students should have regular medical check-ups to ensure they are growing properly, there are no new health concerns and that they are up-to-date with immunizations. We use the information from the forms to update our SHC records to make sure we can provide the best possible care for your child while attending UNIS Hanoi. The forms also give us permission to provide care and medications when needed.

We recognise that there can be discrepancies in vaccination schedules from country to country. To ensure consistency, and for the health and safety of all our students, we require all students to follow the Center for Disease and Prevention (CDC) immunisation schedule.

Please take time to review your child's immunization against the  CDC Immunization Schedule, which we follow at UNIS Hanoi. If your child is older than 11 years old, it is time for their Tdap vaccination, unless they already received it.

It is now also recommended that each child have 2 MMR's and 2 Varicella vaccines.

Also, students with Asthma or Allergy are required to have either an Asthma Plan or an Allergy Action Plan completed and provided annually to the School Health Centre.

Any medical updates can be emailed to

Wishing you all a wonderful summer holiday!!   

School Health Centre


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