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Grade 4 How We Organise Ourselves...Market Day!
Posted 01/06/2018 06:11PM

As part of their Unit of Inquiry, "How we organise ourselves" the grade four students got to learn about all the different aspects of starting up their own small business. 

This year we approached it from a new angle. The business unit was connected to the Sharing the Planet unit on "Child Rights". We centred the students around the question, "as students of the UN what is our responsibility?" and instead of a "small business" the students created a "social enterprise".

Groups were formed at the beginning of the unit, based on the International Child's Right that they felt passionate about. Together the groups decided on a social enterprise company name, logo and slogan as well as a goal action that they would
like to use the money that they raised to undertake. They looked at the UN SDG's and made connections and then researched possible service learning projects /charities that they could possibly work with.

Throughout the unit the students learned about different market forces, such as supply and demand, wants versus needs and profit and loss. As they were learning about these concepts they were continually developing their own business plan. It
was a unit that required the students to use their group work skills as they cooperated and compromised with their business partners. Once their business proposal was approved by the "Grade Four Chamber of Commerce" the students then set to work at preparing their goods or services to sell.

On 22 March 2018, the Grade 4 Market was open for business. Students from across the Elementary School (and even some middle schoolers) came and purchased a range of goods from stress balls to toasted cheese waffles or they played games that varied from virtual reality to sponge throws. Overall the market was a huge success and the students raised a total of 32,457,000 VND!

After calculating their profits, social enterprise groups made their final decision together as a team. The social enterprise groups then decided on whether they would make a financial donation or a physical donation. This was the first time this
choice has been offered and the ideas were varied. The financial donations that Grade 4 2017-2018 made were:

Habitat For Humanity = 1,881,000vnd
Heartbeat = 1,313,000vnd
Save the Children = 1,447,000vnd
Room To Read = 2,496,000vnd
Blue Dragon = 3,866,000vnd
He for She = 1,682,000vnd
Swim For Life = 368,000vnd

The rest of the money raised was used to purchase a range of supplies that were donated to various locations in Vietnam. These Groups were:


With a profit of over 5 million Vietnam Dong the GGG's were excited to go shopping this week with the school gardener, Mr David. They were able to purchase enough products to create 18 gardening kits that they will be donating to Vietnamese
families over the coming week...stay tuned for more information! Some members of these groups are looking at continuing their work into Grade 5 as they focus on SDG 2: Zero Hunger.


The Sew Knit Kids have been working hard to promote their end of the year pencil drive! They have been busy visiting classrooms and promoting their drive, creating drop boxes and posting their advertisements around the school. They have also placed an order for other stationary to go with all the pencils that they collect. In the last week of school they will meet with Ms Nada, from Project Sprouts, to make their donation. Some members of these groups are looking at continuing their work into Grade 5 as they focus on SDG 4; Quality Education. IF YOU HAVE ANY USED PENCILS THAT STILL HAVE LIFE IN THEM PLEASE SEND THEM INTO SCHOOL!


This week the 2 Grade 4 groups took the money that they raised with the money AND also a donation from K2 (who had their own market day) to purchase 3 water filters. These water filters will provide their owners with 18,000 liters of fresh, clean water. They are currently talking with Mr Campbell in the upper school to decide on their best options on who to make their donation to. Some members of these groups are looking at continuing their work into Grade 5 as they focus on SDG 6; Clean Water and Sanitation.


This group of eager care providers have been busy ordering and receiving 24 brand new teddies. They have written a letter to send with these teddies and they will be posting them tomorrow to an orphanage in the south of Vietnam. Some members of this group are considering continuing their work into Grade 5 as they focus on SDG 3: Health and Well-Being.


Eight groups across Grade 4 decided to put their profits together to have a total of 8,673,000VND. In the coming week they will put in orders for resources (such as CD players) and stationary that they will take with them next year when they visit Vinh Tien School when they are on Grade 5 camp. Many members of these groups are looking at continuing their work into Grade 5 as they focus on SDG 4; Quality Education.

We are very proud of the learning that the students displayed throughout the unit and were so happy to see the satisfaction that they felt when they realised how much they were able to help Vietnamese children who are less fortunate than


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