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Emma Hamilton, Elementary School Art Teacher
Posted 31/05/2018 04:42PM
Faculty Voice

"I love letting children inquire and feel responsible for their own learning. When children are very young, they are ready to communicate at different times, and in many different ways. For example one of our students receiving English as an Additional Language support loved to draw. For him, it was a way to feel safe and secure and express his thoughts and feelings, it became a form of communication when his English language abilities were still developing.

Integrating the SDGs into our learning for small children is complex, we are challenged to find a way to explain them that helps even three and four-year olds begin to understand the concepts. In visual arts we've taken inspiration from artists like Andy Goldsworthy who creates art from natural materials but is very conscious that he makes no impact on the beautiful landscape around him. This helps us as artists to connect with SDG 15 where we think about "Life on Land" and how we can protect it.

UNIS is an open and friendly school, a very supportive community. It's nice to be working at an independent, non-profit school. We have time and energy to put into helping the community, impacting people in Vietnam through service learning."

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