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Rozeth de Vass Gunawardena, Elementary School Parent
Posted 31/05/2018 04:45PM
Parent Perspective

"Hanoi was the first overseas posting from my family. It was a very hard decision for me personally to leave my home and family in Sri Lanka and start our life in Hanoi. Settling into Hanoi life was a bit hard at first, but from the moment we entered the school for the orientation I felt so welcomed. There was always a smiling face around to help me navigate the school and answer any questions I had! My kids fell in love with the school, the teachers, and their friends and within a few weeks they already felt quite at home at UNIS.

 What I like most about UNIS is how they value parent partnership with the school, the fact that the school works in collaboration with the parents and listens to and values parent contribution. It's a novelty I haven't experienced in other schools.

It's been three years since I moved to Hanoi [from Sri Lanka] and I am glad to truly call Hanoi my second home now. This is largely due to the friendships I have built through the school and the experiences I have received. The diversity we find at UNIS helps the students and parents to learn to respect, appreciate and enjoy other cultures."

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