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The Wizard of Oz
Posted 18/05/2018 07:26PM

The dust has settled as the twister has taken us to Oz and back and I am sure there are a few students who are now wondering what to do with all their 'spare time'. The show was a success and it has been so amazing watching the students involved, no matter the age, working together and creating memories that will stay with them forever. The joy the students had was evident in their faces and performances and this is something that will stay with me for a very long time.

As with every production the final performances is just the tip of the iceberg and it could never have been done without an army of people behind the scenes and I would like to thank everyone who has supported us in any way, be it as an audience member, on the ground during the shows and from the beginnings of planning.

This was a mammoth production with over 120 students involved from K2 – G11, more than 1000 pieces of costume, over 100 set and prop pieces, 60 packets of Make-up wipes, 10m x 4m backdrop, 50+ litres of paint, 50 musical numbers and much, much, more. Many of you have wondered over the last 6 months how we do it all, at times we wonder this also, but when we see the faces on the students on stage and after show interacting with the other students and crossing divisional bounds it makes it all worth it.

I would also like to share a message from Ms Molly, our choreographer on the amazing dancing you saw on the stage:

My name is Molly Moore and I had the honor of working with the incredible cast, crew and UNIS staff who created the magic last week performing The Wizard of Oz. What an extraordinary whole school effort! As choreographer, I want to share more information with you.

The Wizard of Oz music was composed by Harold Arlen, and the lyrics were written by Yip Harburg. It was a challenge and joy to set dance to 4 of these songs for this production: Twister, Munchkinland, Poppies and the Jitterbug. I am very delighted to credit seconds 3:51 to 4:13 to an amazing group of jitterbug dancers, called the Brookland Boys and Girls Choir (who sadly are no longer together). I hope our students remember it always, teach their friends and keep this groups' dance alive. In time, perhaps dance, like music, will also have a universal language to share and pass down dances through the ages.

Ania Russo deserves a huge bravo for Apples, Crows and many of the companion´s solo dances. Many of you may not know that Phuong Le not only played the part of Tinman, but he also choreographed his own solo dance! And then there is the show stopper, Merry Old Land of Oz, which was choreographed by our Director, Kristen Olivia. 

Thank you for supporting this production. 

May we all dance like everyone and no one is watching! And often.




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