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Lost Books - Please help!
Posted 11/05/2018 07:54PM

Dear parents and students,

Last week the following library books were mistakenly returned to the library drop-off box and sold at the book sale! Now we need your help to rescue the following 'lost' books and return them back home to the library:

1. The Top Ten Leaders that Changed the World
2. Barack Obama (Barcode: 109656)
3. The Politics Book
4. Lincoln: A Photobiography 
5. Mr. President: A Book of U.S. Presidents 
6. How Governments Work: The Inside Guide to the Politics of the World
7. The Jelly Donut Difference: Sharing Kindness with the World
8. The Body Book for Boys 
9. Presidents 
10. Potty Politics
11. Barack Obama (Barcode: 105116)
12. Barack Obama (Barcode: 101409)
13. What's Happening to Me? 
14. Giang Sinh Dau Tien Cua Chuot Tip/"First Christmas of Tip Mouse"
15. Where are your Manners
16. Germination 

If you are the lucky person who selected these library books at the book sale, we kindly ask that you returned them to Ms. Ronke's classroom (B9/G11) for a full refund (


Thank you!

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