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From the Head of School
Posted 30/03/2018 07:02PM

This has been an extremely busy time here at school and the danger is that once an event is finished, we move on quickly to the next event and don't take the time to celebrate our successes and savour the moments when good things happen.

So I am motivated this week to have us all stop and celebrate the SCO Spring Fair last Sunday. There were so many positives - the layout, the location of the stage, so many "homemade" food items, the convenience of the wrist-band system, support of the service learning groups - the list is long and substantial. The comments have been resounding all this week and it made me proud to be associated with our school.

Photo: Ross Deverson

The Spring Fair Team deserves to be congratulated on a job well done. Here are their names - please thank them when you see them:

Nolwenn Troadec - Spring Fair Coordinator

Winnie Fano and Yuju Moon - Cultural Booth Coordinators

Eun Mee Lee - SCO Treasurer

Francesco Pontalti and Garry Reichert - Facilities Coordinators

Sheila Chng-Au - Small Business Coordinator

Kacper Wozniak - Fun Corner Coordinator

Rozeth De Vass - Sponsorship Coordinator

Seok Mi Yoon - Entertainment Coordinator

Setsuko Miki - Volunteer Coordinator

Akiko Nakano and Madoka Tanaka - Design Coordinator

They definitely embodied the Good to Great spirit which we have established in the school and we are fortunate to have them continue to raise the bar.

I wish everyone a restful and rejuvenating Spring Break so that we are ready with renewed energy to finish strong in the last quarter of the school year.


Dr. Barder


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