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From the Head of School
Posted 02/03/2018 05:46PM

We are committed to gathering the perspectives and feedback of our students, parents, faculty and alumni on an annual basis. Our accreditation with the Council of International Schools (CIS) requires us to complete a community survey every five years, but we find value - and go beyond many other schools - in doing a survey every year. Last year we piloted a more tailored version of our accreditation survey and we will again use this survey this year so that we can compare year-on-year results. This survey informs the development of our Annual Action Plan linked to our Strategic Plan. By taking time to complete the survey you will help us know whether we are on track to achieve our objectives, and what we should prioritise for next year.

Here are a few things we are proud of from last year's survey results:

  • Multiculturalism, effectively integrating technology, and regular feedback are highlights of teaching and learning at UNIS Hanoi according to students. 
  • Our community takes pride in our outstanding campus, feeling physically safe and enjoying the wide range of co-curricular activities and opportunities for parent involvement. 
  • There is a strong understanding of our Mission, Vision and Values, as well as our school policies and student assessment criteria.
  • Balance, diversity and responsibility are highlights of our school culture. 

Here is some feedback that we have acted on for this school year:

  • As a result of a high levels of dissatisfaction with the food in the canteen, we have moved to an in-house catering model and the feedback this year has been very positive.
  • As a result of concerns expressed about our counseling services both in the social and emotional arena as well as in meeting the higher education needs of our students, we have revamped the MS/HS Advisory Program and renamed it Connections, provided additional training to faculty by the counseling team, and increasing the counseling/psychologist faculty by one full-time person. 
  • In an effort to transform our school's UN connection into impact on our learning that is recognised throughout our school community, we have continued to explicitly link and highlight the SDGs throughout our curriculum and in our service learning programme.
  • To better support our teachers in valuing and prioritising personalised learning, we have established Responsibility for Learning as a priority in our Annual Action Plan and are providing significant professional development opportunities for our faculty in areas such as cognitive coaching which supports the enhancement of personalised learning.

We will be launching the 2017-18 Community Survey by email next Tuesday and we close the survey on Wednesday, March 21. We hope you'll take time to participate and we look forward to sharing the results with you in the Spring.


Dr. Barder

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