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From the Head of School
Posted 24/11/2017 05:23PM

Some of you may not be aware that we are in the midst of a 5 year Strategic Plan we call Strategy 2020. The foundation of the Strategy is our 3 values of Learning, Community and Responsibility. Each year, we submit to the Board of Directors an Annual Action Plan (AAP) which is designed to help us progress towards reaching our targets in the Strategy.

This year we have 4 themes in our AAP. The first is entitled Responsibility for Learning. Through a revision of our Teacher Growth and Development model which puts the emphasis on professional learning, skill development in “coaching” each other to improve, and a continued focus on the use of student learning data to determine success, we are committed to making sure that everyone is responsible for student learning.

The 2nd theme in the AAP is Parent Partnerships. Following on from Stine Cooper’s research which was commissioned and completed last year, we hope to enhance the communication with parents through providing a more inviting environment and working to treat parents as learners and not just stakeholders.

The 3rd theme in the AAP is making good progress on the Campus Development Project as we seek to create more flexible spaces (New covered courts and new artificial turf field with lights as examples) and ensure that the development of new facilities is driven by the needs of students and our programmes.

The 4th theme in the AAP is to close any gaps in our Child Protection programme. Through enhanced website and recruiting strategies to parent awareness and training to promoting student agency and voice so they can be self advocates, we are committed to being sure that our students are safe and secure.

Our intent is for our strategy to move UNIS Hanoi to the next level of success by moving in a common direction, institutionalize best practices, and create consistencies which provide stability for the long term viability and sustainability of the school.


Dr. Barder







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