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From the Head of School
Posted 17/11/2017 06:31PM

The 3 principals and I were away at a recruiting fair last weekend in Dubai. We already know that around 15% of our teachers (21 people) have decided to move on after this school year and we have already begun to fill these positions. Our normal turnover is closer to 20% so we are fortunate that more people are choosing to stay longer. We know that the average length of stay is over 4 years and this number is increasing each year.

While we would prefer that people stay a long time, we know that turnover happens at even the best international schools. What is important to know about UNIS Hanoi is that there is significant interest in working here. At the recruiting fair, we had some of the longest lines as people were quite interested in speaking with us about vacancies. We managed to fill 6 positions last weekend and will be working over the next few weeks to fill the others. Next May, we will publish the bios of our new faculty but in the meantime, know that we are extremely pleased to have such significant interest in our school from the top professional educators around the world.

On another topic, our teachers often spend lots of time before class, at lunch, and after school to provide additional help to students who ask for assistance. We are also aware that some parents choose to employ tutors outside of school to help students with their academics. This is the right of any parent to do so.

However, this tutoring must happen at home or at some other location. As per school policy, any adults working with students on campus must have a background check and because we cannot vouch for the backgrounds of tutors, we cannot allow them to work with students on campus. Therefore we ask parents to cooperate with us by having these tutoring sessions happen somewhere else other than on campus.

We hope you will be able to enjoy this moderate weather this weekend.


Dr. Barder







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