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Keep Sick Students Home
Posted 15/09/2017 06:37PM

Dear Parents,

The School Health Centre is seeing a very high number of students with fever. Many students detail to the nurse that they were sick before coming to school, but, “my mum or dad told me just to go to the school Nurse.” Unfortunately, there is nothing we are able to do except send your children home, but not before they have passed their germs onto other students on the school bus and in the classroom.

A look at the available research on this topic highlighted a recent survey conducted by, Kids Health in the US, who asked School Nurses, "What's the biggest health problem at your school?” The answers are below:

  • Parents sending sick kids and teens to school
  • "I think the biggest health problems occur because there are parents who send their children to school knowing they are sick."
  • Biggest problem is "Parents who send sick kids to school (even with a fever) because 'they have to take a test.'"

What can parents do at UNIS Hanoi to help minimise the cross infection risk to our students, staff and UNIS Hanoi community:

  • Keep your child at home if they have a fever of 38 degrees C / 100 degrees F and ensure your child stays at home until at least 24 hours after a fever has broken naturally, without fever-reducing medicines.
  • Ensure your child stays home for 24 hours after the last episode of diarrhea and/or vomiting.

When asked, “What are the most important thing parents and teachers can do to help keep students healthy during the school year?"

  • School nurses recommended hand washing using soap and water or hand sanitizer.
  • Parents keeping sick children at home.

Many thanks for your ongoing support,

School Health Centre

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