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From the Head of School
Posted 01/09/2017 06:37PM

Periodically I like to take the opportunity to clear up any confusion, questions or concerns out in the community as result of inadequate, incomplete or inaccurate information.  That is theme of my piece this week.

Our enrollment for this year at the start of school is 1134 students. This is basically the same as last year and we typically see an increase through the first few months of the year with a peak usually occurring in November-December. We will keep you posted periodically on this figure as we go forward.

Some years ago, our board set a target enrollment of just under 1200 students, which is calculated based on 4 classes or sections per grade level. We are getting close to full but have no plans at this time to get any larger than that. In the meantime, our diversity policy for admissions remains the same - no more than 20% of any nationality at any grade level. At this time no nationality has more than 17% in the school.

With the regular turnover of families in our community, we realized that a gap in our administrative structure was the need for a marketing person. We needed to ensure that all new families seeking an international education in English knew about our school, and we wanted to do a better job with that.  So we created a new Senior Manager for Marketing and Enrollment Management position and hired Ms. Liana Bianchi, who has been hard at work since 09 August and has already been having an impact as she makes connections with key members of the Hanoi community.

Finally, we have been working with the UN here in Vietnam over the last couple of years to strategise more ways in which we can be connected to the UN and strengthen the relationship between the UN and UNIS Hanoi. Our curriculum work around the SDGs has been wonderful, and we are working directly with UN Resident Coordinator and Country Team to come up with more ways to mutually support each other.  I am optimistic that there will be even more initiatives this year for the UN and UNIS Hanoi to be mutually supportive, and that the relationship will be stronger than ever.

Have a wonderful 3 day weekend.


Dr. Barder

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