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Dengue Fever Alert
Posted 10/08/2017 12:35PM

Hanoi is currently experiencing an epidemic of Dengue Fever and we encourage all our community to be as vigilant as possible in prevention of infection by this acute virus.

What is Dengue Fever?

  • Dengue is a mosquito-borne viral infection.
  • Dengue fever is a severe, flu-like illness that affects infants, young children and adults

How do I know if I have it?

  • Dengue should be suspected when a high fever (40°C/104°F) is accompanied by 2 of the following symptoms: severe headache, pain behind the eyes, muscle and joint pains, nausea, vomiting, swollen glands or rash. Symptoms usually last for 2–7 days, after an incubation period of 4–10 days after the bite from an infected mosquito.
  • Infection can be confirmed by a blood test at a local health centre.
  • Warning signs for severe dengue: occur 3–7 days after the first symptoms in conjunction with a decrease in temperature (below 38°C/100°F) and include: severe abdominal pain, persistent vomiting, rapid breathing, bleeding gums, fatigue, restlessness and blood in vomit. The next 24–48 hours of the critical stage can be lethal; proper medical care is needed to avoid complications and risk of death. Go to hospital immediately for evaluation.

What is the treatment?

  • If you have any of the above symptoms you should see a doctor immediately.
  • Use analgesics (pain relievers) with acetaminophen and avoid those containing aspirin.
  • Get lots of rest
  • Drink plenty of fluids

How can best avoid it?

Dengue mosquitoes are known to be day biters.

  • Apply  insect repellent daily, DEET is recommended.
  • Wear long sleeves and trousers to protect wrists and ankles.
  • Rid areas around homes of any standing water where mosquitoes may breed.

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