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Support Success: Support The Scholarship Fund!
Posted 15/01/2016 06:22PM

UNIS Hanoi’s very first scholarship student is a success story like no other!

Nam Nguyen joined UNIS Hanoi back in 2012. A mathematical whizz with a talent for writing, he created a buzz with his gentle confidence and generous help for others. And just three years later, he achieved what very few people could ever accomplish - he attained a perfect score in his IB Diploma!

Now on a full scholarship as an undergraduate of William’s College in the United States of America, Nam affirms that both his success and his vision for the future is a direct result of his time at UNIS Hanoi.

The Scholarship Programme, he says, transformed him immensely by giving him the chance to learn in an environment his that disadvantaged family situation could never have afforded. Commenting on how he benefited from the scholarship, Nam said, “My time at UNIS Hanoi had a deep impact on my knowledge and personality. Now I’m a more mature and open minded thinker who addresses problems from a different perspective and respects solutions that contradict with mine. Looking back before I joined UNIS Hanoi, I can see that I hid myself in the shell of a shy bookworm. But thanks to the School, I’ve grown from a shy boy to become a dynamic learner, a courageous risk taker and influential leader.”

Since the Scholarship Programme began, eight other bright and talented local students from low socio-economic backgrounds have benefited. While the school budget started the programme, two new scholars this year joined our community as a direct result of the generosity of UNIS Hanoi parents, faculty, staff, students and alumni!

Explaining how the Scholarship Fund works, Head of Schools, Dr Chip Barder said, “The UNIS Hanoi Scholarship Programme was launched to celebrate the School’s 25th anniversary. We wanted to offer talented young Vietnamese students from disadvantaged backgrounds the chance to benefit from our curriculum. We also wanted to enrich the experience of our existing students through the inspirational role models of our scholars as well as investing in the future of Vietnam. This was a 25th Birthday gift that we hope will just keep on giving.

“Now, when we fundraise for the Fund we look to make enough money to fully support a Scholar throughout High School until graduation, although we have made exceptions, with three of our Scholars joining us in Middle School. And it’s not just the academic experience we aim to offer, we want them to be full participants in school life; that includes trying out for School teams or taking part in musicals and plays and going to The Prom.”

Dr Barder continued, “The Scholarship Programme transforms lives, not just of the Scholars, but also the lives of our enrolled students and we are confident that our Scholars will continue to transform lives beyond their time with us at UNIS Hanoi. But our aspirations cannot be realised without the support of every member of our community. I urge us all to come together to make a long-lasting difference to the country we are privileged to live in.”

Hear Nam’s Story in his own word by watching the film we made to celebrate his success.


To find out more about The Scholarship Fund and how to make a donation, big or small, please go to:

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