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Enjoy stories from UNIS Hanoi demonstrating our daily commitment to our Strategy 2020 and our core values of Learning, Community and Responsibility.

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Posted Friday, Apr 13, 2018 6:21:00 PM
Plastic pollution isn't new but it is becoming alarmingly catastrophic. A group of Grade 5 students is screening a documentary called 'A Plastic Ocean' to raise awareness among Hanoi community. Join the film screening and explore ways you can make a difference!
Posted Friday, Feb 2, 2018 5:33:00 PM
Read about our Grade 3 students reaching the Sustainable Development Goal 11, Sustainable Cities and Communities, in action...
Posted Friday, Jan 19, 2018 4:34:17 PM
From lightbulbs to lifestraws, from cookbooks to poetry, the Personal Project Exhibition in Grade 10 demonstrates a breadth and depth of learning that inspires our entire community!
Posted Friday, Jan 19, 2018 4:31:58 PM
The United Nations goals were the driving force behind the Primary Years Exhibition resulting in ideas that will literally change the world!
Posted Friday, Jan 19, 2018 4:26:57 PM
Giving students the freedom to design their own inquiry projects has prompted some exceptional experiences for our curious and independent young learners.
Posted Friday, Jan 19, 2018 4:04:02 PM
Service Learning is often the starting point for life changing decisions. Read one UNIS Hanoi alumnae's story.
Posted Friday, Jan 19, 2018 3:39:14 PM
As one of only two United Nations international schools, UNIS Hanoi is proud to take a lead on embedding the sustainable development goals into our daily curriculum.
Posted Friday, Jan 19, 2018 3:05:48 PM
Our multi-cultural mosaic community brings together more than 40 languages from more than 60 nationalities and supporting languages is at the heart of our developing curriculum.
Posted Friday, Jan 19, 2018 2:57:45 PM
At UNIS Hanoi our scientists are also musicians, our fashion designers are also soccer players. Find out more about our 360 degree approach to Learning.
Posted Friday, Dec 15, 2017 9:29:07 AM
Once upon a time an unusual friendship started between a Phoenix and a Dragon to protect Vietnam's most vulnerable children... Discover the 'happily ever after' of the long standing partnership between UNIS Hanoi and the Blue Dragon Children's Foundation.
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