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Student Voice

"It's such a welcoming community and no one is left out. Everyone has their spot, and everyone makes a difference."

Student Voice

"Here at UNIS we have to have opinions, be creative, and think outside the box. Teachers expect you to do your homework, finish your assessments, and study, but they are really supportive. We come to school to learn and that's the most important thing. That's what the school focuses on but UNIS also focuses on making us have fun while we learn."

Student Voice

"Teachers at UNIS are really flexible with their students because they have the understanding that not all students are able to comprehend information in the same way."

Faculty Voice

"Something unique about UNIS is the integration of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) throughout the curriculum which is intentionally planned and shared with students. As the school has evolved in using the SDGs, the students have really taken ownership of knowing which ones they are passionate about, which are connected to what they are learning, and in what ways they can take action. It will take all of us to achieve the SDGs, if we can begin by empowering our students, we will have leaders championing this work in the future.

One way you know learning has occurred is when you hear students sharing, using the language of the SDGs unprompted, with clear passion. I've overheard students saying that SDG 15 is their favourite because they want to save pangolins, which are an endangered animal in Vietnam. It demonstrates that they are internalising what they are learning and considering how they'll take action."

Parent Voice

"UNIS provides a balanced education, children learn to be good people through many activities, not only academic work in the classroom. Even in the classroom, other aspects are integrated and monitored. Interpersonal skills play a vital role in today's employment market. UNIS students are confident and prepared for life. Parents don't worry about their future.

UNIS students have a vast life view and are confident. My son cares about others in everything he does. This comes from the integration of UN principles into education at UNIS. Students care about the earth and other species, not only themselves. It's very natural for UNIS students to be aware of their impact on the environment, it's vital for them.

It's so hard as a parent to help your children through transition in teenage years. The Middle and High School counsellors really helped us as parents to get through this transition. The school has an amazing system of dealing with students who are challenged with transition during teenage years. It's one of the most difficult times in anyone's life, there is so much change. At UNIS we are lucky to have adults who are understanding, patient and know how to guide students."

Parent Perspective

"I can see that my child seems to have wider and very different perspectives studying at UNIS. I see the difference in her mindset and it keeps growing!"

Parent Perspective

"Hanoi was the first overseas posting from my family. It was a very hard decision for me personally to leave my home and family in Sri Lanka and start our life in Hanoi. Settling into Hanoi life was a bit hard at first, but from the moment we entered the school for the orientation I felt so welcomed. There was always a smiling face around to help me navigate the school and answer any questions I had! My kids fell in love with the school, the teachers, and their friends and within a few weeks they already felt quite at home at UNIS.

The transition was a bit harder for me but I made it a point to get more involved with the school and it's activities. I feel UNIS gives parents so many avenues to get involved and work with the school which not only helps the school but also personal development. I have met some amazing people while volunteering at the school many of whom are now like my family. What I like most about UNIS is how they value parent partnership with the school, the fact that the school works in collaboration with the parents and listens to and values parent contribution. It's a novelty I haven't experienced in other schools.

It's been three years since I moved to Hanoi [from Sri Lanka] and I am glad to truly call Hanoi my second home now. This is largely due to the friendships I have built through the school and the experiences I have received.

The diversity we find at UNIS helps the students and parents to learn to respect, appreciate and enjoy other cultures."

Parent Perspective

"I love the diversity of teachers at UNIS. World language teachers are native speakers and classroom teachers could be British, Australian, American - kids get different viewpoints based on their teachers' life experiences. Teachers also come from a wide range of backgrounds: they are different ages, single families, teaching couples - the diversity is very reflective of the student base and life.

We'd been in Hanoi already 18 months when we went on the new family bus tour, but we saw things we never knew about! I learned so much from other parents. I love that I can come to the campus everyday. You are encouraged to volunteer and included in what's happening at the school. I love that we're included and invited."  

Parent Perspective

"We arrived in Hanoi with two children who didn't speak English and one who had a little. Now, you wouldn't know that they received English as an Additional Language (EAL) support! For every grade in Elementary School, there is an EAL specialist; it's very successful.

My daughter really connected to her group and the teachers. The EAL programme helped my children both socially and academically. UNIS EAL teachers in the Elementary School are exceptional. They have to interpret and feel what the children are trying to express. The EAL programme was more than language support, the teachers were very kind people who are truly calm, patient, and help kids overcome the stress of starting a new school where they don't speak the language."



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