UNIS Hanoi has wonderful sporting and recreational facilities that we want our entire community to enjoy them outside of school time. 

All parents, faculty/staff and alumni are eligible for Energize membership. An Energize Membership provides the opportunity for the UNIS Hanoi community to use some UNIS Hanoi recreation facilities for a reasonable fee.

The facilities are available for members use during posted hours (see Energize Schedule and Energize Pool Lane Availability for details). These hours are subject to change, as student-related activities take priority. Updated “Energize Hours” will be posted on UNIS Hanoi website. For any questions please contact our Director of Activities, Tarique Al-Iesa. 

Membership entitles users to use the swimming pool and fitness room. There is no single facility membership option (e.g. I just want to join to use the swimming pool). The swimming pool is heated during the winter months and is 25 meters long with 6 lanes and is staffed by UNIS Hanoi lifeguards. The fitness room consists of a variety of cardiovascular equipment and weight machines and is staffed by a fitness instructor.

UNIS Hanoi high school students who have had an introduction to the weight training during their PE classes may use the fitness room without an ENERGIZE membership on weekdays between 3:30-4:30pm (Wednesdays starting at 2:30pm).

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Energize Information

Changing Rooms

Members can use lockers in the changing rooms. You are required to bring your own locks and remove them at the end of your training session. If a lock remains on a locker, UNIS Hanoi has the right to remove the lock and keep the contents of the locker in a safe place until it is picked up by the owner. Showers are available for use in the changing rooms. Members are responsible for bringing a towel.


Parking for members is in the UNIS Hanoi car park. You will need an authorised sticker to enter the campus. These can be applied for at the UNIS Hanoi Operations Office (Building 2).

Fitness Room

Any member, 15 years of age and older, wishing to use the Fitness Room should familiarise themselves with the rules and etiquette of the fitness centre. A Fitness Centre orientation session is recommended and can be scheduled with the fitness room supervisor.

Swimming Pool

Hours may vary - call 7300 4500 Ext. 8768 for current hours or check the UNIS Hanoi website. All members should familiarise themselves with the rules and etiquette of the swimming pool.


Children 11 and under must have parental supervision while in the Swimming Pool area. Children under the age of 15 are not allowed in the Fitness Centre.

Athletic Fields and Courts

are not available for recreational use without prior approval and their use is not included with the Energize Membership. UNIS Hanoi does not allow dogs on campus.

Membership Cards

You will be issued with a membership card that allows you to enter the UNIS Hanoi Energize facilities during Energize hours. Please present your membership card to the lifeguard or the fitness room supervisor before each work-out. Membership cards cannot be shared. Anyone caught using someone’s membership card other than their own will be asked to leave the facility. This could also warrant suspension or revocation of the membership. Membership fees will not be refunded. If a membership card is lost, stolen or damaged a $10.00 replacement fee will apply to replace your card. This fee is paid to the Business Office to cover replacement costs.

Guest Passes

Each Energize membership package (Individual or Family)  will receive a guest pass which entitles members to six  (6)  guest visits for a full year membership and three (3) guest visits for a six-month membership. The purpose behind the guest policy is to support our current members who may be encouraging a friend to join, and to make accommodations for visiting  family members and friends.

  • Guest must be accompanied by the Energize member during the duration of their visit.

  • The Energize member is responsible for the behavior of their guests.

  • All guests must adhere to the Energize rules and guidelines.

  • No more than two guest privileges are allowed per membership on any single visit.

  • Unused guest privileges may not be accrued or otherwise carried forward to the next membership renewal term.

  • Guest privileges may be limited to non-peak usage at the discretion of the Energize staff.



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