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From the elementary level through high school, UNIS Hanoi offers students age-appropriate opportunities to explore and develop necessary skills through a comprehensive and varied set of leadership programmes. 

ES Student Councils

Students in Grades 1 through 5 have an opportunity to represent their classmates at one of two ES Student Councils which are organised by age: Grade 1 and 2 Student Council and Grade 3-5 Student Council. The two councils meet during a lunchtime once a week. The Grade 3-5 Student Council selects two student leaders from amongst the Grade 5 representatives - deliberately one girl and one boy. They run the meetings with the support of an adult.

To become an elected class representative, students must write a short speech which they present to their classmates. Each class then holds a secret ballot to select one girl and one boy representative per class. These representatives are expected to attend all weekly council meetings and report back to their class or gather data for future meetings as needed.

The Student Council’s focus on school improvement issues from the student perspective. Each representative is invited to share the Student Voice when UNIS Hanoi is needing student feedback and input (e.g. the whole school development plan, the campus redevelopment, meeting the school accreditation officers). They are also encouraged to identify issues within the ES and to initiate a plan to improve those issues. In addition they help with many of the weekly ES assemblies so that what is presented is organised and led by the students, not the adults. The two councils are also the organisers of events within ES and they help promote school wide events at the elementary.

Middle School Student Council

In the Middle School Student Council, representatives work together to plan, coordinate and provide activities to the MS student body. These students use their organizational and communication skills to put together events like; Fall Fun Day, dances, Spirit Weeks, Dodgeball and Movie night, as well as the MS End of the Year Celebration (an off-campus event). In addition to fun, the group also raises monies each year by sponsoring various events around campus. The money collected is then distributed to Service Learning and charity groups. The group frequently hears student concerns and acts as the student voice to UNIS Hanoi Administration.

High School Senate

In the High School Senate elected student representatives work together to provide a voice for the student body, work with the faculty and administration to provide student perspective on school issues, plan and coordinate student events both on campus and in the community, and control their own budget for student events and donate surplus funds to student-selected service organizations. Skills in organization, communication and leadership are developed through hands-on experience throughout the year. Student representatives are elected at the beginning of each academic year to represent their grade level in the Senate. An officer board is elected within the Senate to lead meetings, spearhead Senate initiatives and liaise with school faculty and administration.

The Senate is divided into two main branches: the Events Committee and the Student Representatives Committee, each with their own elected leadership officers, and the entire Senate is overseen by the elected Senate President. The Events Committee plans such activities as the Prom, Talent Show, Spirit Week and more. These events have become key milestones in the school year that all students look forward to. The Student Representative Committee serves as the channel of the student body’s voice in issues and concerns affecting them. They regularly meet with school administration and other relevant stakeholders to discuss important issues and negotiate solutions in the best interest of the student body. Additionally, the Senate contributes to charitable causes through fundraising activities throughout the year. The HS Senate is part of the school’s Service Learning programme.

Model United Nations (MUN) 

Model United Nations is an all year programme where students develop their knowledge of the procedures of the United Nations, learn debating skills and role play various countries positions while debating important issues facing the world today. Students from Grade 8 - 12 are eligible to participate. Students make a commitment to a minimum of one full year of participation. Students have an opportunity to participate in two mandatory and one by application conference(s) each year.  The UNIS Hanoi MUN Security Council Conference (October) and the UNIS Hanoi MUN (March) are mandatory, THIMUN in Singapore is by application.

MUN Leadership Team

Students apply in April of their Grade 9 or 10 year for a TWO year position on the MUN Leadership team. This group of  a maximum of 6 students are responsible for the planning of all conferences  and training of all the MUN delegates in the programme. These students meet during X-Block or lunch to do the planning for the entire year.

MRISA Leadership Conference

Students apply in April/May of their Grade 10 or 11 year for the MRISA Leadership Conference. This group of  a maximum of 8 students are or will be in positions of responsibility as leaders of service Learning Groups during their Grade 11 and 12 DP Years.

MS & HS Global Issues Network (GIN) Conferences

Through student-led conferences supported by school communities across the globe, GIN’s mission is to empower young people to collaborate locally, regionally, and globally in order to create project based sustainable solutions for global issues. Interested students apply and are selected by the GIN sponsors. The GIN sponsors will support and facilitate students and accompany them to the conference. 

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