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The Arts offerings provide students the opportunity to develop and nurture their growing talents through an innovative and creative experience. We believe that students should be exposed to a wide variety of artistic creativity that fosters commitment, structure and self discipline. The programmes will focus on self improvement, developing social skills, cooperation, teamwork and leadership. Students involved have opportunities throughout the school year to perform or display their creative masterpieces.

Elementary School

Drama Production

The Elementary School (ES) offers opportunities for students in Grades 1 - 5 to participate in theater productions. We offer two productions per year, one for Grades 2 through 3 in the Fall and one for Grades 4 and 5 in the Spring. Depending on the show, this production involves some or all of the following: acting, singing and dancing opportunities. Students interested in backstage help have opportunities to involve themselves in that area also. The production is auditioned for roles; however, all interested students who sign up are given the opportunity to be included onstage. Rehearsal are run twice a week.

Middle and High School

High School Musical

Each year, the Arts department performs a High School Musical, open to all Grade 9-12 students. There are many opportunities for students to be involved onstage, backstage or in the orchestra. Students who want to perform on stage, audition for a role and are cast accordingly. Those who want to work backstage on set, lights, sound, makeup, costumes or props, sign-up for a place.  Those who want to play in the orchestra are chosen and rehearse separately until the week of performance when all aspects of the show come together.

High School Play

Each year, the Theatre department performs a High School play, open to all Grade 9-12 students. There are opportunities for students to audition for acting roles or work backstage on a crew. Crews include: publicity, box office, set, lights, sound, makeup, costumes and props.

Concert Band

The UNIS Hanoi Concert Band allows High School Students to play in a Concert Band setting with peers and to continue to develop skills and musicianship through more challenging repertoire. This group performs two concerts per year in addition to performances for school events such as UN Day and Graduation. The UNIS Hanoi Concert Band is a year long commitment and is open to MS students by audition only.

High School Choirs

The UNIS Hanoi High School choir offers students the opportunity to develop their love of singing in a non-auditioned setting. This choir runs as year-long ensembles. The aim is to develop their aural and musicianship skills through a variety of styles of music.  Students have many opportunities to showcase their work throughout the year. This opportunity is  open to any student in the High school.

Mekong River International School Association (MRISA) Arts Festival

MRISA Arts Festival gives students the opportunity to experience art forms new to them in a positive and safe learning environment. Through participatory workshops students realize the opportunity to experience a variety of art forms. Students also have the opportunity to experience cultures surrounding the Mekong River; both traditional and contemporary. Students apply and are selected by the traveling directors who will accompany them on the trip.

Asia Pacific Activities Conference (APAC) Arts Festivals

APAC is a select group of students interested in furthering their skills in the Arts (Band, Choir, Orchestra, Theatre) and participating in a weekend with students from other APAC schools around the region. APAC groups are selected through an audition process, open to all Grade 9-12 students. The chosen group rehearses and participates in a 4 day weekend focused on the skills of the specific Arts form. Choir and Orchestra are held in November and Band and Theatre are held in February.

UNIS Music Academy 

UNIS Music Academy (UMA) - UMA is a resource for all our students, parents, and staff to learn a new instrument, to train their voice, or to improve their musical skills working directly with talented local musicians. Academy instructors are members of the Vietnamese Symphony Orchestra, professors from the National Music Academy and local expatriates. UMA students are invited to perform at one of the UMA student concerts held each year.

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