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Sports Teams

UNIS Hanoi offers several levels of sports teams that represent our school at events ranging from festivals to high end competitions and tournaments.

Youth Sport

Youth Sport (YS) builds on the excitement and development of our sports programmes offered at the ASA level, the YS programme gives Grade 4 and 5 students the opportunity to develop their growing talents through a varied co-educational programme. We believe that students of this age should be exposed to a wide variety of sports that foster commitment, structure and independence. The YS programme will focus on self improvement, developing social skills, cooperation, teamwork and leadership.  Students involved compete against other schools in the Hanoi Activities Conference (HAC) through a festival style format.

Practices run on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:45-4:45.

Middle School Teams

Middle School (MS) teams continue the development of our young, aspiring student-athletes. Middle school students are offered the opportunity to be a member of a team in a developmentally appropriate, no-cut environment. MS athletes who are selected for the UNIS Hanoi representative team will compete against other select teams and attend the Mekong River Activities Conference (MRISA) junior tournament. All other athletes will continue to participate in a structured programme and compete in festival style events against other schools in the Hanoi Activities Conference (HAC).

Practices run on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:45-5:45.

Junior Varsity Teams

Junior Varsity (JV) teams are primarily for students in Grades 9 and 10 with some Grade 11 students eligible. UNIS Hanoi students under the age of 16 as of August 1 of the current school year are eligible to compete at this level. The JV programme is the final developmental opportunity offered at UNIS Hanoi prior to the student progressing to the Varsity level. JV teams compete locally in the Hanoi Activities Conference (HAC), as well as in international tournaments in the region. Additionally, the JV teams compete against their varsity level counterparts at the Mekong River Activities Conference (MRISA) senior tournament. 

Practices run from 3:45-5:45 on Mondays/Fridays and 2:45-4:45 on Wednesdays.

Varsity Teams

Varsity (V) programmes make up the highest level teams that represent UNIS Hanoi at inter-school competitions. All students in Grades 9-12 are eligible to tryout. Varsity teams compete against other local schools as well as local club and university teams. The travel team selected from each varsity programme represent UNIS Hanoi at Asia Pacific Activities Conference (APAC) tournaments.  

Practices run from 3:45-5:45 on Mondays/Fridays and 2:45-4:45 on Wednesdays. Additionally, Varsity Teams practice on Saturdays for two hours.

Sport Teams Season Breakdown

Youth Sport (YS)

Middle School (MS)

Junior Varsity (JV)

Varsity (V)

Baseball/T-Ball (Season 1)

Basketball (Season 1)

Volleyball (Season 1)

Tennis (Season 1)

Soccer (Season 2)

Soccer (Season 2)

Basketball (Season 2)

Volleyball (Season 1)

Volleyball (Season 3)

Volleyball (Season 3)

Swimming (Season 2)

Basketball (Season 2)

Basketball (Season 4)


Soccer (Season 3)

Swimming (Season 2)

Tag Rugby (Season 5)



Soccer (Season 3)

Track and Field (Season 6)



Badminton (Season 3)






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