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Thank you for your gift! UNIS Hanoi is a non-profit organisation and we can accept gifts for The Scholarship Fund in the following ways:

1. Cash

All gifts must be made in Vietnamese Dong VND. Please complete the GIFT FORM to accompany payment which must be made in person at the UNIS Hanoi Business Office for the purposes of issuing receipts. Thank you!

2. Credit Card

We can accept credit card gifts in two ways:

AT SCHOOL: All gifts will be charged to your card at the Business Office will be in Vietnamese Dong. The Business Office can accept Master Card and Visa credit cards and all local bank debit cards (including F@st Access Card and Connect24).

ONLINE: Visa, Master, JCB credit cards are accepted for online donation. CLICK HERE!

3. Bank Transfer

Please read the details below carefully to comply with local banking regulations:

FROM BANKS INSIDE VIETNAM: Transfers must be made to our VND account. 

FROM BANKS OUTSIDE VIETNAM: Transfers must be made to our USD account. 

In all cases, for the gift to be accepted by the bank you must enter “DONATION FOR SCHOLARSHIP” in the transfer details. Please also add in the transfer details the “NAMES”  to be recognised in the Annual Report for this gift or clearly state “ANONYMOUS”.
Thank you! 

Account name: UNIS HANOI
VND Account number: 19122049108035
USD Account number: 19122049108043 

Bank name: Techcombank
Bank branch: Ha Thanh
Bank address: 74 Ba Trieu, Ha Noi, Viet Nam
Swift code: VTCB VNVX
Bank code: 01310001

4. USA Taxpayers

If you are a USA taxpayer you can receive a tax deduction benefit and receipt by making your gift to The Scholarship Fund through our gift partnership with Give2Asia. Gifts can be made by credit card, bank transfer, cheque and other through other options.




Please visit our dedicated site online: 

(Please note bank transfers incur less charges than credit card giving through this service.)




5. Salary Deduction

For UNIS Hanoi faculty and staff only

For any questions about any of the methods of payment or to discuss your gift, please contact our Director of Advancement, Emma Silva 











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