What Our Faculty Say!

Working at UNIS Hanoi is a wonderful opportunity, but don't just take our word for it...

"UNIS is an open and friendly school, a very supportive community. It’s nice to be working at an independent, non-profit school. We have time and energy to put into helping the community, impacting people in Vietnam through service learning.Emma Hamilton - ES Art Teacher




"Something unique about UNIS is the integration of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) throughout the curriculum which is intentionally planned and shared with students. As the school has evolved in using the SDGs, the students have really taken ownership of knowing which ones they are passionate about, which are connected to what they are learning, and in what ways they can take action. It will take all of us to achieve the SDGs, if we can begin by empowering our students, we will have leaders championing this work in the future.

One way you know learning has occurred is when you hear students sharing, using the language of the SDGs unprompted, with clear passion. I’ve overheard students saying that SDG 15 is their favourite because they want to save pangolins, which are an endangered animal in Vietnam. It demonstrates that they are internalising what they are learning and considering how they’ll take action." Angela Meikle - PYP Curriculum Coordinator (alumni)


Working at UNIS has been an outstanding experience. It has meant being a part of a collaborative, caring and truly international community. Our students at UNIS Hanoi are exceptional; they are hardworking young leaders who welcome new people into their community easily and openly. I have experienced a great amount of growth here, due largely to the outstanding caliber of teaching partners I have had; all of whom have taught me something new and opened my eyes to new ideas, viewpoints and understanding.
Andrea Law, MYP coordinator (alumni)


The students at UNIS Hanoi are responsible for creating an environment that provides plenty of professional rewards for a teacher.” Rebecca Bechard, MSHS Science





"I never imagined the personal and professional relationships I would develop at UNIS with my co-workers. When leaving my entire family and moving abroad, I hoped to make friends and enjoy my time with fellow teachers but I was totally unprepared for the warm welcome and support of the UNIS staff who were sincerely glad to have me join their team! Whether you are looking for social buddies for a night out or devoted educators to grow and learn with, you will find it all here at UNIS - a great place to be!” Michelle Armstrong, Kindergarden 1 Homeroom (alumni)



“Working as UNIS has been one of my best international experiences. The diversity (faculty and students) give me the sense of living in a miniature world; where all get along, build a community and share the same citizenship.” Abigail Lopez, MSHS Spanish (alumni)




“UNIS is a very unique School Community combining the UN Principles and themes with the IB curriculum. I feel privileged to work with such enthusiastic students, teachers and parents in our community. Many varied opportunities are available to UNIS teachers to align personal and professional goals from year to year. I am particularly grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to travel to PYP Arts conferences as well as being supported by UNIS to give workshops at other Arts Festivals. I am thankful that UNIS encourages teachers to follow their passions and bring them into their classroom teaching and the wider community.”Sally Oxenberry, ES Music (alumni)



“UNIS is an all-round capacity building learning institution. It is a pleasure to work with truly focused and professional colleagues. Teaching in itself is a great profession and very rewarding but what makes working at UNIS special is that the focus on peace and human rights education leads to students forming a picture of their world that is more accurate, tolerant, open and peaceful. That is really something.” Brendan McGibbon, MSHS Music (alumni)



For me as an educator, working at UNIS Hanoi is a unique opportunity to embrace and engrain the UN Principles throughout all areas of our inquiries, as well as support a truly global vision of the future for my students.” John Cushing, Grade 2 Homeroom (alumni) 




Working with such beautiful kids and colleagues just makes me happy!
Michelle Noullet, MSHS English




“As a specialist subject coordinator and leading a large team, the school’s initiative to develop and advise ‘middle managers’ illustrates the school’s desire to enhance each level of management throughout. I’ve been able to seek advice from senior Administrators and discuss relevant topics with colleagues in similar positions to myself. Such conversations are inspiring and it’s been a privilege being part of this professional learning community.” Adrian Hubbard, Co-curriculum Activities Manager



"To me UNIS is more than a school, I hold a teaching position but I am also a parent with three children attending all three areas of school. UNIS is a community, a family in the middle of Hanoi. It cares for and nurtures its students, parents and teachers alike. I would never have thought that I would still be here after 5 years, but there is something incredibly special about UNIS that I don’t want to let go of.”
Lucy Norton, Grade 2 Homeroom (alumni)


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