UNIS Hanoi Document Request Form for Alumni

Ms. To Thu Le, the Alumni Officer, helps coordinating with various offices at school for document requests of alumni.

To request a transcript, please fill out this form:

Creating a document file takes time. Not all documents exist in our files, some documents must be created specifically for the purpose requested. All document requests, EXCEPT for Letters of Reference will be executed within 5 working days. Letters of reference take an additional 5 working days. Please be aware that documents cannot be executed when school offices are closed.​​
I authorize the United Nations International School of Hanoi to release all requested records and recommendations to the organization, school or institution to which I am applying for admissions or review. I (and my parents)also authorize employees of these schools, institutions or organizations to confidentially contact my current or former schools should they have questions about the information submitted on my behalf. I (and my parents) further waive my right to review confidential recommendations. I understand that it is the student or parents' responsibility to review transcripts for accuracy and to bring any errors to the attention of the counselor immediately.​​
Please tell us where in the world you are currently residing, attending university or what you consider your permanent physical address.​
Whether you are student, an entrepreneur, a newlywed or a new parent, UNIS Hanoi would love to know what you have been up to!​
Please include information that might help the school understand your document request needs (e.g. transferring universities, applying for a job, lost documents etc.). If you are requesting a reference, please briefly describe what you need and a school counselor will contact you directly.​
Please let us know what other documents you require from UNIS Hanoi​
CONFIDENTIAL LETTERS OF REFERENCE are only available for school-to-school delivery. Please indicate the format required for the reference needed.​
If the application has an official final deadline (e.g. a USA Boarding school, summer school, visa deadline or university) please indicate the official document deadline. This information will help the guidance office better serve you.​​
Please include the Name & Address of the Institution(s), School(s) or Organizations for which these documents are being prepared.​
UNIS can often arrange to send documents by email rather than courier of regular mail. Email is the most secure, expeditious and inexpensive way to transfer documents. Please provide the contact email of the school, institution or organization, if available.​
Please indicate or confirm how you expect UNIS Hanoi to send the documents. All costs (if any) will be charged to the family's account. Letters of Reference and official transcripts for applications must be sent directly from the school office to the school or organization.​​

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