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The first ever UNIS Hanoi Alumni Networking & Fun Evening is a great idea to expand your circle and network, find a new client, or a mentor, or your next job! But it can be a little nerve-wracking, too. Here are some tips to follow that may help—before, during, and after the event.
The Gender Awareness Annual ART EXHIBITION‍ will take place on 18 May (Saturday) at Turtle Lake, from 11:00~13:00. There will be artworks for sale and musical performances from UNIS students, as well as food to nibble on while you are there. Tickets are being sold for 50,000vnd.
Building on last year's successful pilot events in May and October, we are calling our alumni to join the Service Month of May, wherever you are in the world. The goal is for YOU to give back to YOUR local community and we hope that you will join in.
The much anticipated Used Book Sale is finally here! Please donate books that you don’t need any more, so that other families can enjoy them! Contact alumni@unishanoi.org if you ware in Hanoi and wish to donate your books.
UNIS Hanoi is organising it's annual community blood drive in collaboration with the National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion (NIHBT) on Thursday, April 18 from 8.30 – 12.00 / 13.15 – 17.30 in the B7 Community Room. This event is open to the Alumni Community to join.
UNIS Hanoi has partnered with Compass Education (CE) to be the first school in the world to take part in the CE School Sustainability Transformation! Interested in finding out about what we are doing? Want to get in on the action? Click here!
For everyone that was able to attend, thank you for coming! If you were not able to make it, perhaps you'll be able to make it next time! Thank you for another great Alumni Reunion Season! We look forward to seeing you around the world in Spring 2019!


Meanwhile at UNIS Hanoi

A huge thank you to the entire UNIS Hanoi Community, both Alumni and Current for your fantastic support of the 2019 Book Sale! With your support, we received more than 10,000 books and we raised  109,680,000 VND (4,600 USD)! This fund will be used for literacy projects that will benefit many children in Vietnam that our students can access through Service Learning.
The Grade 3 students had a very special surprise visitor on Friday, 3 May: Retired Lieutenant General, Phạm Tuân, the first ever Vietnamese citizen and Asian in space, who answered a plethora of questions from the students ranging from, "How do you eat and drink in space?" to "What did the lift off feel like?" and "How long does it take to get into the space suit?".
Initiated by an enthusiastic parent to meet the needs of the young soccer players at UNIS Hanoi and within our broader community, Saturday Soccer has been a wonderfully successful programme for over a decade. Over recent years, however, these needs have changed and Saturday Soccer decided to modify the programme accordingly to keep up with these changes. Read more about this evolution.
A group of visiting students from UNIS New York joined the Helping Hands Group on a visit to Sapa to deliver rice, clothing and books purchased through funding from the SCO and Birthday Gift Fund to two ethnic minority primary schools in Sa Pa (Sin Chai School and Sa Seng School).
During the past couple of weekends, seven UNIS Ha Noi high school students have been certified with the International Lifeguard Training Programme by ILTP Instructor Martin Hamilton. These are the first UNIS Hanoi students who have completed this rigorous course. 


Our Global Alumni Notes

My Tran (Class of 2014)
My Tran (Class of 2014) won the 2019 Chautauqua Janus Prize for their story "Tree rings, like concentric ghosts". My is attending Brown University in Providence where they identify as a cross-genre/gender artist making sculptures and performances. Read more here
Andy Page-Smith (Alumni Faculty/Staff)

Effective July 2020, Andy Page-Smith (Alumni Faculty/Staff) is appointed the next Academy of International School Heads (AISH),  a community of heads and deputy heads of international schools around the globe. AISH membership consists of heads of school of 45 different nationalities, in 90 different countries and spread across six continents at schools with different curricula systems and language offerings. Andy was UNIS Hanoi Elementary School Principal from 1998 to 2001. Click here to read more.

Kevin Wade (Class of 2009)

Kevin Wade (Class of 2009) is running for Virginia House of Delegates. Kevin will be on the ballot for the Democratic Primary Election on June 11. Kevin comes from a Thai-American family and attended UNIS Hanoi from Grade 9 to Grade 11. Click here to find out more about Kevin and support him.

Brendan McGibbon (Alumni Faculty/Staff)
Brendan McGibbon (Alumni Faculty) wrote to share about his most recent project - how can we use AI in the classroom to help students think through difficult problems when they get stuck. Read more about Brendan's project here.
Sofie Brondum Reeh (Class of 2017)

Sofie Brondum Reeh (Class of 2017) visited UNIS Hanoi with her friends during the rainy days of Spring Break. Sofie is going to start university in Denmark this August after a two year gap time.

Anh Nguyen (Class of 2011)

Anh Nguyen (Class of 2011) participated in a clean up activity last Sunday in Ho Chi Minh City with a group of friends. He wrote in to share:

"Fun? Yes
Tiring? Yes
Disgusting? YES
Sustainable? No

I did a clean up today with an amazing group of people who wanted to do something good. Even strangers joined us after seeing our effort to make a change, no matter how small that change was. We met a person who was cleaning up before us, saying that he couldn't imagine doing it himself. With the amount of trash in Vietnam, I don't think any one person can do it themselves, but if we get together and do this as a fun activity, we can all enjoy a cleaner environment.
It starts with small steps. The #trashtag challenge has been started by an online trend, and it is the only online challenge I have done, because I really believe it does good, and hope that it doesn't stop until Vietnam can be the cleanest country in the world #vietnamvodich. 
Littering is a big problem, and cleaning up like this is not a sustainable way, it is akin to treating the symptoms and not the cause. Cleanups like this only make a difference, when the littering stops. While we were cleaning up, there were already people throwing trash right next to us. The solution to the problem of littering is to overcome the inconvenience of cleaning up for yourself. When you throw plastic on the street, know that it will stay there and your children will be living on trash in the future. 
I want Vietnam to be clean for one simple reason. I love this country, it's beauty and charm. So I challenge you, dear reader, to get friends together and do a few sessions of clean ups. And tell your neighbor to not throw that piece of trash on the ground." 

Joyce (Alumni Faculty/Staff), Daniella (Class of 2018) and Jacqueline "Coco" Miller (Class of 2020)

Joyce (Alumni Faculty/Staff), Daniella (Class of 2018) and Jacqueline "Coco" Miller (Class of 2020) stopped by UNIS Hanoi while visiting from Singapore. Joyce is working as a K-12 Librarian at an international school in Singapore; Coco is currently in Grade 11 while Daniella is using her gap year to work and gain experience. Daniella is thinking to study Business in Singapore after this gap year.

Bas Augustijn (Class of 2014)

Bas Augustijn (Class of 2014) stopped by the School on his solo trip in his gap years between University and post graduate degrees. Bas' plan is to visit all the countries and places he and family once lived. Bas is living and working in the Netherlands.

Linh Nguyen (Class of 2018)

Linh Nguyen (Class of 2018) was selected to receive one of the Vanderbilt University's Nichols Humanitarian Fund Awards to help improve health care access and education system in Ban Lien, an impoverished, geographically-challenged region in Lao Cai, Vietnam.  Thanks to the support from the Fund, Linh will be travelling back to Vietnam in summer 2019 to allocate the granted funds alongside SANSE, the Service Learning group co-founded by Linh during her time at UNIS Hanoi. A former UNIS Hanoi scholar, Linh is pursuing a double degree in the field of Communications and Human and Organisational Development at Vanderbilt University on a full scholarship. The merit- and need-based Nichols Humanitarian Fund is awarded to service-based projects proposed by students to address an area of need of a community, domestic or international.

Linhlan Dover Arthur (Class of 2002)

Linhlan Dover Arthur (Class of 2002) married Ben Arthur on 16 March 2019 in Sydney, Australia. Instead of gifts or money, Linhlan and Ben set up a personal fundraiser on a crowd raising platform and asked the guests to donate to Blue Dragon Children's Foundation, hoping to raise AUD 1,603 to mark the date. The couple proudly shared that AUD 7,000 was raised as a result, "We are very happy that this money will go to helping street kids, and those affected by trafficking, AIDS and disabilities as well as help put those in need through school and rehabilitation." Linhlan and Ben and their children are living in Australia. They plan to be back in Hanoi this Spring for a small celebration with friends and family in Hanoi.

Lesley Peacock (Alumni Faculty/Staff)

Lesley Peacock (Alumni Faculty/Staff) and her friend returned to UNIS Hanoi while on holiday with her friend. Lesley is currently working at the International School of Uganda as Senior School Principal.

Ellen Beard (Class of 2013)

Ellen Beard (Class of 2013) is working as the lead programme assitant of Redeeming Love, a safe house and holistic recovery program for sex trafficking survivors in Southern California. "I work directly with residents [of the safe house] to encourage movement toward healing and their future life goals. I've been learning about the issue of human trafficking and I discovered sex trafficking as one of the darkest and most troubling injustices I've come across, and it is far more common than we realize," Ellen shares. With this cause in mind, Ellen took on the creative challenge of wearing a dress during each of the 31 days of December 2018 for her personal fundraising campaign "December Dresses" to support Redeeming Love. Ellen's goal is to raise $750 USD, the cost of mental health services for one survivor, "I decided to start my own page because I know the Redeeming Love well and truly believe in the kind of healing it pursues. We focus on quality, highly-personalized support over quantity of individuals reached." Check out Ellen's donation page here or ask Ellen a question to keep the conversation going and raise awareness about this hidden problem.

Lauren Davenport (Class of 2007)

Lauren Davenport (Class of 2007), formerly Lauren Purnell, and her husband Jon Davenport stopped by UNIS Hanoi during their visit to Vietnam from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia where they live. Lauren found the time to catch up with Mr Phi (PE Teaching Assistant) as well as Ms Dzung from Elementary School and Ms Huong, Library Teaching Assistant. Lauren was at UNIS Hanoi from 1993 to 2005 with parents Jacqui and David Purnell (Alumni Faculty/Staff) and siblings Ceinwen Purnell McCann (Class of 2002) and Dave Purnell (Class of 2000).

Adelaide Charlier (Class of 2019)

Adelaide Charlier (Class of 2019) was alongside Greta Thunberg in Brussels where Greta delivered a speech in front of the European Economic and Social Committee, an EU consultative body representing civil society organisations. They were also invited to the Élysée Palace to meet with President Emmanuel Macron on February 22. Adelaide is the Francophone spokesperson of Youth4Climate, the grassroots organisation behind the movement against inaction on climate change in Belgium, which mobilised thousands of pupils across Belgium, including 12,500 who marched in Brussels on Thursday (31 January) in protest and thousands more in the Flemish city of Leuven and in Liège, Wallonia. Adelaide will be walking again in a school strike for climate on Friday March 15 in coordination with related #FridaysForFuture demonstrations all over the world!

Hyeri Ahn (Class of 2005)

Hyeri Ahn (Class of 2005) married Jin-kyu Kang in Seoul, South Korea on 9 December 2018. Hyeri's best friend from UNIS, Toni Eberle (Class of 2005) and her husband Trent Eberle flew in from Australia to attend. Hyeri is working in marketing for Bosch in Yongin, South Korea.

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LONDON - November 3
DUBAI - November 11
HANOI - December 29
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VANCOUVER - April 27
SUNDAY OF SERVICE 2 - May 5, 2018
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SEOUL - To be announced
NETHERLANDS - To be announced
WASHINGTON DC - To be announced
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