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Check out the hot off the press UNiquely UNIS Summer 2018 Edition, go beyond a quick glimpse and dive deep into a variety of different, programmes, projects and initiatives that are part of UNIS' daily life.

The UNIS Hanoi Class of 2018 has graduated! Their hard work and dedication has made them he School's newest alumni. Find out who they are!

Dr Chip Barder, a respected educator and administrator with more than four decades of work in international schools, is leaving UNIS Hanoi in June to take a 'gap year'—no mentioning of the "R" word, please!

Check out a photo montage of the new building consisting of a new spacious cafeteria, a rooftop garden, new maker space and of course, new classrooms

It was a beautiful and warm May evening in Berlin
It was a rustic but hip restaurant in the modern Gleisdreieck Park
We met, we dine, we laughed... then we went to karaoke
Check out our fun in photos!
"A wonderful catch up. Lovely to hear the stories of these young UNIS graduates." - Reunion co-host Heather Westwood (Alumni Faculty/Staff). Click here to see the photos.

The story of UNIS Hanoi's current campus and how it came to be. "UNIS Hanoi is not only bricks and mortar, it's also everything else that the School stands for. And people are going to Hanoi to live and work and they are always going to know that this is the school to go to. And this is exactly what you hope for at thirty years." - Jane Guy (Alumni Parent and Board Chair)


Meanwhile at UNIS Hanoi

Since 2015, 36 youngsters with a range of disabilities at the Huong La Centre are learning how to read, write and count thanks to a programme devised by two Teaching Assistants at UNIS Hanoi.
Just over one month ago UNIS Hanoi community collectively organised and celebrated the Birthday Spring Fair! Spring Fair committee wants to officially thank all the volunteers involved for making this event possible, share memories and celebrate these community figures with you!
Enjoy the photo special from 30th Birthday Hanoi Homecoming Weekend!
From the book sale to rural schools...students spread literacy throughout Vietnam!
First time playing at APAC Badminton, UNIS Hanoi players are working hard towards a promising future...


Our Global Alumni Notes

Kimberley (Kim) Knaggs (Class of 2017)

Kimberley (Kim) Knaggs (Class of 2017) has just finished her first year studying Law at the University of Birmingham, and is a member of the university’s slam poetry team. Together they placed first out of more than 20 teams at UniSlam (the UK’s university slam) and as a prize, received the opportunity to perform at the Royal Albert Hall in the prestigious UK slam, Hammer and Tongue. The team also competed at CUPSI, an American collegiate slam held in Philadelphia, and were very excited to have experienced the American slam scene as it is very unique and vastly different from the UK’s. As Kim begins her second year of university, she will continue to write and perform poetry in preparation for Hammer and Tongue in January 2019.

Ja Hyung (Angeles) Oh (Class of 2001)

Ja Hyung (Angeles) Oh (Class of 2001) wrote in to share: "One of my dream in life is to have a positive influence in the world by inspiring people and changing their lives. As the 1st place winner of the 2018 Toastmasters National English Speech Contest in Korea, I will be representing my country at the Toastmasters International Convention in Chicago this coming August. This will be the first milestone in achieving my dream. It was a long and difficult journey. I have fallen short in many occasions but due to the great support and help from my wife I am finally able to make it to the world stage. She provided insightful feedbacks and helped me a lot throughout practice. Now that I am heading to the world stage I just feel very grateful for everything and one of those things is that I was able to enjoy the great education from UNIS Hanoi. My experiences here, and guidance that I received from many great faculty is what made me who I am today. Please support me in your prayers and/or whatever way you wish. I will do my best to make you all proud. Thank you".

Ja Hyung shared one of his inspirational speeches at the UNIS Hanoi Alumni Reunion in Seoul 2014-2015.

Cheon Sub Sim (Class of 2000)

Cheon Sub Sim (Class of 2000) and his wife Sun Hwa proudly announced the birth of their second baby, Jenny, born on April 23, 2018.

Thang Luu (Class of 1997)

Luu Viet Thang (Class of 1997) is one of the three UNIS Hanoi's very first Vietnamese students on a trial two year scholarship programme back in 1992. Currently Thangis working in retail interior design industry in Vietnam, creating store fixtures and outlets for international brands. Thang credits his current success to the two year scholarship he was awarded by UNIS Hanoi, "At UNIS Hanoi, we learnt to explore and understand what we were being taught." Read Thang's story here.

Hien Nguyen (Alumni Parent)

Hien Nguyen (Alumni Parent) is featured in the UNiquely UNIS Winter Edition 2018.  Her daughter, Chi Mai (Class of 2014), graduated from UNIS Hanoi in 2014 and her youngest Chinh Mai is in Grade 10. "For 17 years, UNIS Hanoi has been a huge part of my life. I can't see that changing." Read Hien's story here.

Caitlin Taber (Class of 2011)

Caitlin Taber (Class of 2011) published the first book A Beach Adventure in her children's book series Chasing Winchester about her beloved dog Winchester (Chester in short). The book is available in hard copy or PDF or iBook version. Caitlin is living and working in Australia. Caitlin's parents Daryl and Cathy Taber (Alumni Faculty/Staff) and sister Birdie Taber (Class of 2013) also live in Australia. Check out Caitlin and Chester's story and the book on their website.

Sam Sternin (Class of 1998)

Sam Sternin (Class of 1998) shared, "I've lived in The Philippines, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Singapore, Ethiopia, the United States of America, and now Turkey. It's interesting, of the UNIS Hanoi kids I've been in touch with, half I'd say have found a place they like and have settled down, and the other half like me, choose to move around. But whatever field we've chosen, there is a definite international element." Read Sam's story here.

Ella Healy (Alumni Faculty/Staff)

Ella Healy (Alumni Faculty/Staff), the teacher who kick-started UNIS Hanoi's expansive aquatics programme and academy says it all started when a  a small group of children inspired her into action. ​​​​​​​After an 11 year stint at UNIS Hanoi, Ella left the UNIS Hanoi in July 2017 but with more than 2,300 people now using the swimming pool year in year out, and a service learning programme that continues to save lives, Ella's early hopes of giving back continues to impact. Ella and her husband Brian Healy (Alumni Faculty/Staff) are living and working in Hong Kong. Read Ella's story here.

Young Min Bang (Class of 2004)

Young Min Bang (Class of 2004) dropped by to visit the school he once belonged to but no longer recognise. Young Min was at UNIS Hanoi from 1994 to 1998 on Hanoi Amsterdam campus. A walk on UNIS Hanoi's current campus was also a stroll down memory path into Young Min's Elementary and early Middle School years. Like a number of other UNIS Hanoi's early alumni, Young Min is currently living and working in Hanoi. Young Min's brother Moon Sung Bang (Class of 2007) graduated from UNIS Hanoi and is currently living and working in Korea.

Anna (Class of 2003) and Ken Langrish-Smith (Class of 2001)

Having studied at UNIS Hanoi back in 1997, Anna (Class of 2003) and Ken Langrish-Smith (Class of 2001) have found themselves living and working a stone's throw away from their alma mater as owners of popular spot, Jafa. Anna shared, "Not a day goes by that we don't have some interaction with UNIS Hanoi. When old friends contact me, I say to them, 'you're not going to believe this but we work next to the School!'" Read more about Anna's and Ken's story here.

Pauline Lietar (Class of 2010)

Pauline Lietar (Class of 2010) was back on campus in April 2018 while on a journey through Vietnam. Pauline remembers a Grade 9 school trip to Thailand where she kayaked through mangroves with her then-teacher Wayne Hodgkinson (Alumni Faculty/Staff). That trip sparked a passion for biology and humanitarian work. Now a degree holder in anthropology and international development, she will soon be back in the mangroves putting her UNIS Hanoi-inspired interests into practice through a job helping coastal communities in Sri Lanka. Read Pauline's story here.

Dao Thien Khai (Alumni Faculty/Staff)
Dao Thien Khai (Alumni Faculty/Staff) is UNIS Hanoi's first Maths teacher. Now 80 years old and retired and still living just a short drive away from UNIS Hanoi's Ciputra campus, the octogenarian math master remains heartened by the School's achievements, thirty years on. Read Mr Khai's story here.
Yanik Nyberg (Class of 2013)

Yanik Nyberg (Class of 2013) has been undertaking research into the potential for using seawater to grow sustainable food crops as a way to utilise degraded and marginalised land over the last year and a half. Yanik's time at UNIS and, subsequently, at universities in Scotland has fostered a passion for sustainable agriculture in the context of food security and climate change. Through pilot projects in Scotland and South Asia, Yanik's team hopes to develop the blueprints for seawater farming systems that can be applied to most coastal regions around the world for food production and the creation of wetland habitats and coastal defence against seawater intrusion. This is the team's focus for the next three years and will hopefully result in viable agricultural practices that can be applied successfully by farmers from Scotland to Vietnam. Read Yanik's story here.

Van Do (Class of 2015)

Van Do (Class of 2015) was back in Vietnam for winter break 2017-2018 and went on a Service Learning trip with UNIS Hanoi SANSE group to Ban Lien, Lao Cai. Moved by the work of SANSE with local minority ethnic children in the remote village, after the trip Van started to wonder what SANSE could achieve with more resources and decided help out and bring SANSE to New York University where Van is currently studying. With Van's introduction the Vietnamese Students Association at New York Univeristy has chosen to support SANSE with their 10th annual charity gala event 'Mình'. All funds at donations raised at Mình Charity Gala goes directly to the students in Ban Lien, Lao Cai.

Mads Werner (Class of 2011)

Mads Werner (Class of 2011) was back on campus and brought with him a brilliant opportunity for UNIS Hanoi students. Mads started Student Talks, a non-profit in Copenhagen that aims to give students a new source of learning and inspiration through peer to peer learning. Student Talks finds the most inspirational and driven students that has ideas to share, help them with structuring their talk and public speaking - and at last organize an event where they can share their ideas to their fellow peers. Up until now Student Talks have focused on Universities in Copenhagen, Amsterdam & Canada. Mads helps them set up the events and stream-line the talks to students around the world through his platform. And now with Mads help, Student Talks is coming to UNIS Hanoi.

Alumni Dates 17-18

LONDON - November 11, 2017
HANOI - December 30, 2017
BOSTON - February 9, 2018
WASHINGTON DC - February 10, 2018
VANCOUVER - February 17, 2018
MELBOURNE - May 5, 2018
UNIS HANOI 30th BIRTHDAY - May 5, 2018
BERLIN - May 26, 2018
SEOUL - Postponed, new date to be announced
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